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What is gained by giving someone more than 1 life sentence for a crime...?
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What is gained by giving someone more than 1 life sentence for a crime...?

Fact is, there only gonna serve 1 life, so do they get the rest off for good behavior? ? Who really benefits from excessive assignments of punishment? Does a judge or lawyer somewhere out there get a hefty bonus by the ammount of punishment they grant/get approved?

I say, "Let the punishment fit the crime, however, lets keep it real!"


Actually, the reason that is done it hold off the convict's eligibility for parole. If there is one life sentence, they could be eligible for parole in say, 10 years. But with two, the time runs consecutive, so they won't be eligible for parole for 20 years. Basically, it's a way to make sure they stay behind bars for a good, long time.
Also, you see 2 life sentences when the person has committed two, separate crimes. Say, murder and assault with a deadly weapon (no brainer, but.....). It just makes sure they stay in jail. Perhaps they get the murder conviction overturned. Well, they'll still be in jail on the other life sentence for whatever the other crime was, perhaps rape.

If one of the convictions is overturned, the other(s) will still keep them in prison. Also, having more than 1 life sentence will adversely affect their ability to be paroled.

"Life" is a relative term. The sentence is not usually until they die, it just means for a great span of their natural life. Generally, if someone is serving more than one life sentence, there is no chance of parole. You can be paroled from one life sentence.

Bill in Kansas
Actually it is done to prevent the chance of parole on a serious crime. It has nothing to do with bonuses.

You sound a little angry. If a member of your family was the victim of a serious crime you would probably want to make sure the offender stayed behind bars

A life sentence isn't really like "life" literally, it's 70 years or so. So if a person is sentenced at 30, and they get two consecutive life sentences, then if they're still alive at 100 they begin their second life sentence.

It's also a way to impart the seriousness/heinousness of the particular crime on the convicted.

consecutive life terms keep criminals off the street forever. Nowadays a single life term might let the criminal out after 10-15 years. consecutive sentence will double the time he has to serve. which is good for the people on the outside who coud easily become his victims.

It's a complicated situation and i'am no lawyer but here is my understanding.

If you are serving a life sentance there is a chance you will actually get out early for good behavier or what not. with the extra life sentance if insures that they will actually spend the rest of their life in jail with no chance of early parol.

Once again this is just my understanding and i could be wrong.

I wondered about this in American law. In the UK life usually means a term of 15-20 years. I would presume that it it to make sure that they NEVER get out.

The sentences are set by the legislature. The judge can only impose sentences within the range set by the legislature.

But there is a valid reason. Say one of the convictions is overturned on a technicality, but the others remain valid. In that case, the multiple concurrent sentences mean the convict stays in jail.

So, they cannot get parole.

What if one sentence is overturned due to new evidence? Would you then assume that a judge could just reinstate a previously revoked sentence on the grounds of "keeping it real?"

What is gained is consistency, without which law would be rendered arbitrary and therefore meaninless in society...

a "life" sentence is really more like 20 years.

A life-term, unless attached to a clause of no chance for parole is defined as a twenty year term or other number of years depending on the State statute. That's why.

a kinder, gentler me
I say "Give them what they deserve!"

So you think a 90 year-old serial killer should serve only five years in prison, instead of getting 'life'?

just me #1
i think it gives the victims family some sort of satisfaction. if a person is guilty of killing 2 people but gets 1 life sentance.... the other vics family may feel that their loved ones life was less important than the other ~ thats my thought anyway.

maybe its a ploy to get more government spending to take care of them personally anything do to children should be instant death

Norm DeGuere
Because Life isn't always life. This is an idiotic question. Multiple sentences also allow for some sense of justice.

this just makes the cheese more binding

it puts the ice cream on the apple pie

If you are getting more than one life sentence, it should be atoumatic death penalty.

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