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What is the easiest way to collect disability if your just lazy?
Find answers to your legal question.

What is the easiest way to collect disability if your just lazy?


You would be committing fraud and could be jailed by the federal court. Get your butt to work! I don't want my hard earned tax money going to your lazy butt.

none y
I find it disgusting that someone would do that... its like mocking the disabled. I think you should get your butt in gear and start living in the real world.

Welfare is much easier to get. As long as you can produce a child every year or two you can ride the government for years. Disability is much harder to get. You have to be out of work and under a doctors care for a year to even be considered.
Of course you can always dress in rags and stand at an intersection with some pathetic cardboard sign. I hear those guys rake in the dough and some folks even buy you a burger once in awhile.

Circular saw to your legs and 1 arm.
Better poke an eye out to be sure you get it.

It's so hard to get disability that if your faking it, it will take too long to get it anyway. Truely disabled people have to fight and fight for years to get it. I know my ex wife is disabled for several years and she's still fighting to get it. Even with Dr.'s saying your disabled SS won't just give you money.

throw yourself under a truck..

I am just here to laugh at you
Chop off both of your legs....oh wait your lazy.....ummmm.....get someonelse to chop off your legs.

geez break your own legs silly
and your arms while you are at it....
but make sure it's done in a way that they are unusable even after they are healed, that way you can be on the permanent public dime....

O I can't wait to start paying my taxes for people just like you!



From someone the multiple sclerosis

richard m
jump in front of a moving car

Lay your legs on the tracks and wait for a train. Seriously, if you can work, go to work, you are making it hard for all of the really disabled people.

Ryan's mom
Get off your lazy butt and get a job. I HATE people like you! I do not want my tax $ going to someone just because they are not wanting to earn a decent living. A friend of my husband had back surgery that did not work for him and even HE is having a hard time getting S.S disability. You are a BUM!

Damn it Son, I told you to get a job or get out.

anxiety disorder. that is what my ex sis in law does. I just shake my head. I actually have anxiety disorder myself and I am able to work just fine.

Faerie loue
It's hard to get for those that need it and have worked all their lives. And wily sly people get it by sneezing and saying they through their back out! It's the way of the world sadly.

no easy way, get off you butt and get a job

Well, you can fake it, but that's pretty difficult: you must prove your claimed disability to an experienced physician, which people are not sympathetic to malingerers. Youse get caught faking it and youse will spend some time learning not to be lazy, as a guest of the state. A very unhappy guest, at that. See, they dress you in these funny orange jump suits and send you to live in a place where men with guns deny you the opportunity to leave and where your every moment is directed, monitored and controlled - even your bowel movements. They call these places "correctional facilities". You'll call yours anything but fun - but it won't do you a bit of good. Youse ready for the jailhouse, are youse? The pen, the pokey, the hoosegow, Hell-on-Earth?

This one is easy! Simply go to your nearest Social Security office and tell them exactly what you just said. See ya later;(in about 10 to 20 years)

Don't be so selfish. You don't have a disability and don't deserve anything. Easiest way? (This way is also honest) Go to the government and tell them you are such a selfish, greedy, lazy bi*ch that it is a disability!

Iranian Amigo
Simply just leave your coffee CUP beside you and have a rest in a side walk! It would be much better way of making money, more fun and social interest than looking toward thieves!
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I know a Dentist who got 186,000 per year tax free by conning insurance companies.

Having a real disability makes you appreciate when life was not once this way. I plan to use disability to help me find a new career path that suits my health issues. If you are healthy, do not abuse our system this way. Go after some certifications for a better paying career. Then consider full time education. Read the book (What color is your Parachute). We all want to be part of something. Find what you enjoy doing and then it is no longer a chore / work.

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