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What is the law regarding pay when working christmas eve?
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What is the law regarding pay when working christmas eve?

am sure if u work christmas eve past a certain time u are supposed to be paid more?
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i know its not a bank hol - just thought u got paid extra if u worked past a certain time that day! obv not- oh well -


There is no Federal law that requires an employer to provide time off, paid or otherwise, to employees on nationally recognized holidays. An employer is only required to pay hourly employees for time actually worked. An employer is obligated to provide reasonable accommodation for the religious practices of its employees, unless it can show that the accommodation would result in undue hardship for its business.

no laws regarding pay on any day.
other than the minimum wage law.

There are no regulations that I am aware of that require any compensation for working christmas eve. Well aside from the hours you work.

Pleasant Peter Perkins
I'm afraid not. In fact there is no legal provision to be paid more for any holiday in the UK.

All additional payments are subject to 'local agreement'.

You should also remember that Christmas eve is not a public holiday...it is a religious festival.

In the U.S. same as any other day and law------you must be paid at least minimum wage and if you actually work more than 40 hours in that week you have to get time and a half for all hours over 40. Anything over that is because of the generousity of your employer.

Strictly HR policy. NO US Law

It's not exactly a holiday, so sadly it's employer discretion. Most employers these days tend to do time and a half. Though they are under no obligation.

The only way Chrsitmas Eve would result in more pay than a normal day, would be if it fell on a Sunday. That would only be the case if your company gave you extra pay for sunday hours.

Christmas eve is not a Bank Holiday.

The Thing
No law in the US...your employer may have a policy.

Christmas Eve isn't the holiday it's Christmas Day. I don't think you will get any overtime or holiday pay if you work it.

art v
It depends on your state law. It appears most states have set their labor laws to the minimum that federal law requires. If your not union, have a MOU with your employer, and aren't working over 40 that week, it's straight time.

Unfortunately there is no law, other than the minimum wage law, about pay for any working hours or days. So it depends on your contract as to what your employer should be paying you.

There are no laws regarding pay on public holidays (and as Christmas Eve is a normal working day anyway, not a holiday, I assume you mean Christmas Day). As far as public holidays go, the vast majority of employers offer extra pay (such as double time or time and a half) or time off in lieu which can be usually be taken when the employee chooses (eg. added to holidays or weekends), but this is a gesture, not an entitlement. Bank Holidays in the UK are just days when banks are permitted to close, and technically that is all they are.

you put out a stocking and wait for the surprise on Xmas day

mad keith
its just another day

it is not an official bank holiday so if your boss is the traditional scrooge then expect to be paid flat rate. sorry.

andy g
it is not an official bank holiday so if your boss is the traditional scrooge then expect to be paid flat rate. sorry.

Well, Christmas eve is not a bank holiday so your employer is under no obligation to pay you more. If you work past midnight (Christmas day) it is then a bank holiday.

Any work performed after the first eight hours of your shift is at overtime rate of time and a half. Otherwise if the terms of your employment don't spell out that you have paid holidays and states what qualifies as a holiday then you are paid at standard hourly rate.

If you work over the night into Christmas day then you should be payed extra for the time in Christmas day but nothing for Christmas eve

The law in England and Wales is that if you start work on Christmas Eve and your shift carries on into Christmas Day you will be paid double time for the whole time you work.

If however your shift does not carry on into Christmas Day, you will be paid for working a normal day. .

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