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What is the legal age a child can leave home without their parents permission?
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What is the legal age a child can leave home without their parents permission?



This depends on the state or province. Usually it is 16. In Canada, you can't kick them out until 18, but they can leave at 16 and there is nothing you can legally do about it.

Most think 18.

A growing number are still living with parents beyond 30.
I have a tent on stand by for that eventuality..

haley m
18 with out permission is the u.s i was so happy when i turned 18 :-]

vospire s
legally in the US you are the responsibility of your parents till 18 unless you get emancipated earlier.

At 12 they are allowed to stay home alone...
Leaving home... w/o permission... would be 16.

16 in the u.k

The Enlightened On3
You Have to be at least 73 years old... by then your parents wont be around then u can have fun :] Lol

You can apply to a court to be "emancipated" if you are 16, and can prove that you can support and care for yourself. Essentially you are proving that you are an adult, and will not go on welfare.
Get a Big Brother or Big Sister, or a "Guardian ad Litem," which means representative before the court. Speak with DYS, or to people at the Boys and Girls Club.

18 without permission
16 with permission

16 however difficult to get a job that can pay for rent and private landlords are apprehensive to renting out to an under 18 as they are tarred with the same sterotypicalimage of wild party throwing yobs. Moreover if anything happened to the house you are your parents responsibilty still as legally you are still a child.

Smoochy Poochy
16 in the UK

In the UK

I believe that you can leave home at 15 - as long as you have a safe and secure place to go with a responsible adult in attendance.

At 16 you can just walk into the void ....

Don't quote me on this but a few years ago this was the situation.

Big River

My 14 year old daughter decided to leave home without telling me and moved into the house of a lady who was of dubious charachter.

I phoned the police and told them that my daughter ( a minor) had done this and I was going to go up to this lady's house and get my daughter to come home.

I was told by the police that if I went to the house and caused a disturbance, I would be prosecuted.

I asked the police what the answer was and they said there wasn't one. If she is safe and well then there is nothing I can do about it.


Robert L
It depends on what state you live in. Check your local laws.

In the UK it is 16years old.You dont need parents consent.

16 yrs with permission - 18 without in UK - although no-one seems to care anyway

16 to 23 depending where you live...

It depends in withch country you are.I am in Romania, and the age is 18. In us it's 21. You can leave without them stopping you, but you must anounce.If you dont say nothing they can report you to the police, or think bad things(like beeing kidnaped).

larry B

it depends where you live,but stay home kid

Sir Basil Cheese Wrench III
With parental consent it is 16, but with the cost of buying property these days most parents cant shift their kids out until at least 27

You can legally emancipate at 16, provided you can support yourself 100%.

16 years old i think. I know you can get married at 16 without your parents permission

burning brightly
16 years providing they can show theym can and are supporting themselves money wise.~~

in most states it is 12, as long as you are going to another guardian, otherwise I think it is considered 18 as an adult, but the TRUE guardian still can have a say, to same degree, What is the problem, that will make the difference!

It depends on where you are located, if in Australia try the website below!


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