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What is the legal age that you can go into a bar and club?
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What is the legal age that you can go into a bar and club?


In Georgia....

18 to party 21 to drink..

Brianne M
In the United States the age is 21. But it varies from country to country. In England it is 18.

lucy in the sky
go in at 18, drink at 21 - In Florida

18 i think :)

depends on the bar/club and the city you're in

21-Texas Y'all =] 6 more years!!

18 or 21 depending on the club

21 fortunately 4 me in my country its 18 .. but they dont even ask 4 papers and im 16 ( and i can get in every time )

Are you under a rock?

Vanessa P
i think 20

Just a girl
18-21 depending on the club

I think its 14

18... 21 to drink

but In Europe Drinking age is 18 and if you go in a pub with a parent you can drink when ur like 15 or 16 so there ya go!


Luis M

Scene Safe B
Depends on where. In the US, most clubs are 18, some are 21, some are even 25+. The legal drinking age in the United States is 21.

Cristian A

..::autumn dawn::..


18 to a club n 21 to drink

Max Hoopla

A club is 18...to drink @ a bar 21.


If they serve alcohol, you must be 21. But some bars allow children in if they are accompanied by an adult.

16 (unaccompanied)

21 to drink

Natasha B
21 if you want to drink some allow 18 and up but you cant drink it depends on where you live

18 for alot of clubs, 21 for most bars and somy clubs...19 in Canada for either

if ur 2 stupid 2 not kno the answer 2 this question then ur too young to be going to a bar and/or club :] hope that helps!

For a bar, you have to be with a parent, and you are able to drink legally if the parent serves you the alcohol.

For a Club, its around the ages of 18-21. Depending on state and city regulations.

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