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What is the legal age you can leave home without the permission of your parents....16 or 18??
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What is the legal age you can leave home without the permission of your parents....16 or 18??

the legal age to leave home without the parents of the young person being able to get the police involved and bring back the youngster as long as the youngster is in a safe environment and being looked after by a responsible adult.


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In Minnesota it is not "legal" to leave the care of your caretaker until you are 18. In some cases you can be emancipated; in this case you have to prove to the judge that you are responsible, have a job, and are able to care for yourself on your own without help from county or state resources (ie welfare, section8). Most of the time, as I have seen, these kids are holding down a full time job, have stayed in school, have a plan for college, and have not had run-ins with the law.

18 in England 16 in Scotland

Lydia K
well when i was 16 i was seeing a guy my parents didnt approve of and i run off with him for the night..they got the police involved and the police found me and they got the police to ban this guy ever seeing me again!!and if he came any where near me he would be in trouble..you are your parents responsibility until your 18!!now when i look back i can understand my parents looking out for me..he was a waste of space!!

the legal age is 16

depends on where you live but it starts at 16 i believe, Good Luck in life! ¤

Sue N
Depends on the country but in the UK I think it is 18. The best thing is to talk things through with your parents. Resolve your differences and get them to "allow" you to leave or to give you more freedom if that is what you are after. Most parents want the best for their kids and they are not being obstructive for no reason. In cases of abuse you can go to the authorities and they will get a court order against your parents and they will look at any proposed new home to see if that is suitable.

Life is too short
I think that the whole process of leaving home at a legal age is not that important,cause there are kids who run a way due to the abuse,others stay at their parents home till they get married.
The best solution is to raise children inside their parents home,teaching them how to participate in life without having legal ways to send them to the streets.
so there is no legal age ,,,,,

16 as long as u can support your self


If you leave at 16, you still need your guardian's signature to move into another place.

I left home at 17 without permission. I did not consult by lawyers in advance. I just walked out the door.

Depends on what country you are in

united states you can leave when you turn 16 your parents might call the police and all but you got to leave when you turn 18

the legal age is 16 but children are most often safer with parents so if you intend to leave your parents please still keep in touch and remember what seams bad now might not be by the time you get to18 and your hormones level out and maby your mums also ( age for british law given) oops seems like england is 18 scotland 16

Justin Boots
the legal age of majority is different for each country and in USA for each state. 4 the UK it is 18 unless by consent it is 16. so if u r 16 and you want 2 leave home u must have parental permission. if parent/guardian refuse the police can become involved. c 'age of legal majority' on web. good luck. ps, u can leave home without the permission of your parents at 18.

Depends on where you live, usually 16. Most places that are 18 usually don't put up much of a fight if you are self dependent and responsible. Another option is legal emancipation, which can be done when you can prove to a judge that you can take care of yourself and are cognizant of your own action

Sounds to me that you let out "your true agenda" on this question...Any way "generaly speaking" (although some states may differ in their Laws re: this),I believe the age is 18

*Care Bear*
It's 16. You can also get married without parents consent at 16. At 16 the police can't get involved & bring the person back & they don't have to be in a safe environment or being looked after by another adult as you are considered able to look after yourself.

In the Uk you can leave at 16 with parents consent - 18 without x

Julia Encarnacion
Generally 18 in the U.S. Minors can be removed from the home and placed elsewhere in cases of abuse, neglect, or crimedoing by the parents.

But if "responsible adults" other than the parents are housing a minor with no legal reason for the minor to be removed from home, then that "responsible adult" can be charged with harboring a minor without parental consent.


Most likely 18.

At 16 years of age, you're in a rebellious stage so it's not encouraged to leave the home.

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