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What laws should be made?
Find answers to your legal question.

What laws should be made?


A better question should be "what laws should be repealed".

The first new one that comes to mind is this:

In regards to home foreclosure:

Tenants should be afforded the same notice and amount of time to vacate a premises that the landlord or owner had. If a bank does not choose to evict the tenant, the tenant should maintain the same rights that were protected under tenant/landlord rights, such as those pertaining to safety, health, and action notifications.

I say this because there are renters tossed out who were totally in the dark about the status of the house. Also, there are tenants who were never given notice to leave but instead just have their water turned off (totally illegal for a landlord to do. A landlord has to give notice, and if the tenant doesn't leave, a judge rules and then the Sheriff comes. there is no shutting off of the water). People are living in bank owned properties for free (under squallid conditions) because the bank didn't move them out or maintain the property.

Anyone who believes in "Sharing the wealth" shall have thier wealth shared. Everyone who does not believe in this theory, shall have the old tax codes on them like normal.

Arthur A
To impound the cars these young people use to play loud music from their amps in the trunks of their cars disturbing people at 2am in the morning.

That you should have to pass a test before you have kids.

Froot Loop

Arnold Genius
gays illegal

Gay marriage bans and also to make abortion illegal. Really, why do they even bother voting on these things?

Rick W
That is against the law for an illegal alien to be considered for president

Marcela N
No More Gay People

The next law passed at the Federal level should require that for every new law Congress passes, two more must immediately be repealed.

Matt the Cat
Abortion Illegal.

Also check out my question:

Here are a few that came to mind right away and a few in response to previous answers.

Stricter laws on immigration and illegal aliens. Increasing patrols along our boarders is a great idea.

Keep gay marriage illegal, no teens do not need more rights, keep the drinking age at 21 (seriously, do you think teens drinking alcohol is a good idea?!?!? it won't stop kids from getting the urge to do it)

It should be illegal to tell children that things are facts, unless they can be proven absolutely.

Police Officers, Should not have so much freedom like they do! I Just feel as though some police officers abuse their power! I Know cop who smokes weed CONSTANTLY! and he brags about it CONSTANTLY!!!!!!

We have trouble enforcing the ones we already have we need no more laws

0) Make Congress use social security and end federal retirement.
Put congress on high deductible health plan.
Put congress on pension limits like PBGC with same maximums.

1) no more civil rights and no more affirmative action.. No lawsuits. end eeoc.

2) End IRS and the 6 thousand pages of law. Go to a permanent flat tax.
10% up to 100,000, then
20% up to 200,000, then
30% up to 300,000, then
35% over that.

No deductions.
No earned income
No bonuses for having kids,.
3) Law that permanently repeals estate tax. Why should we be taxed again when we die?

3) End progressive "property taxes" except for fire service. Everyone pays flat rate for; lots, apartments, etc.

4) End section 8 housing, projects, government dole. End welfare.
Begin workfare only for six months. That is what unemployment insurance is for.

5) End automatic citizenship for babies born in us when both parents are not citizens. If Mother is not, then baby is not a citizen.

6) End right s for illegals to anything other than emergency care. End medicare laws on discharge for non-citizens. DO NOT APPLY.

7) Rule liberal judges and congress cannot offer services for illegals.

8) English is official language and only language of instruction in US schools..except as an elective.

9) Must be high school graduate and show where you paid taxes in prior year to vote. Must have permanent address and social security card and be registered three months in advance. Verified with photo ID against National database. If not meet cannot vote period. No provisional ballot.

ALL US service personnel get automatic ballot and checked against database. None of this bull where absentee ballots are missing.

zon moy
As long as all parties are of age and consent to an activity that activity should be legal.

after you have been in jail more than 3 times you should go to prison for a year, abortion illegal, put god back in schools, no gangs, if you are in a gang should go to jail 4 a year, buy pot in store right beside beer,1 affiance (dui or dwi) go to jail 4 1 year, child molester's get beat stoned and hung castrated in middle of town, rapist same as molesters,illegals go back to home land and get 1 foot cut off so they cant come back, cheaters get beat,dead beat mom and dads get all money took from them and gave to there kids, be homeless dead beats, i can came up with a lot more but i am going to be hated on 4 what i put down now everyone that works at hospital and doc office gets random drug tested at least once week

legal drinking age lowered to 18. if you can vote, drive, work, live on your own, decide whether or not you want to go to school, fight and die for your country at 18. then you should definitely be allowed to drink when your 18.

or better yet there should be no laws. after all this is supposed to be a free country but nothing here is free at all

no corruption in the government or police or anything

mandatory recycling and a lot of other environmental laws need to be made

laws about respecting other countries and how to fairly interact with them

Metal Princess Suspended!!!!
none. There are so many right now it's getting a bit out of hand. Little by little they are taking our rights away with just a little bill.

Lil G
theses guy's shown 24/7 on the CNN channel


Shamar Y
Siblings should leave you alone when you want to be alone and stop being so damn annoying!

skateboarding should be legalized, but it should be illegal for people to sue the owner of the curb that the skateboarder got his face pwned by.

I just got to tell you I just had the most pungent flatulence I have ever made. I think it was 8 deviled eggs I ate tonight.

All the laws should be abolished.. freedom is the answer. then everybody will be happy for 1 day before they die..

there should be a law, there should be no more laws

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