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What states have the most lenient gun laws?
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What states have the most lenient gun laws?

I live in Virginia, can you explain how lenient it is here?


I would consider a low grade from the Brady Campaign to be a badge of honor. Here, this should help you interpret the Brady grading system: A = traitors and enemies of the Constitution, B = moral cowards, C = honorable mention, D = defenders of freedom and F = true patriots

Vermont, Montana, and Alaska.

According to the Brady Campaign lobby for gun control, Virginia merits a rating of C minus whereas 32 of the 50 states rated a D or F for gun contol laws.

Although everything is relative, compared to the other states, I don't think an objective observer would consider Virginia "lenient".

Christopher H
The Brady campaign gave Oklahoma an F so that is a good indicator that are pretty lenient on gun laws.

I currently live in South Dakota and they are pretty lenient here too. I have a concealed carry permit and it cost me a whopping $10 to obtain. At 18 you can even get such a permit here and my daughter has one.

Hunting is a huge way of life in South Dakota and very few people here don't have any gun at all. And since pheasant hunting brought in over $47 million in revenue to the state in the 2007 hunting season and does more or less about that most years we certainly are not in favor of a lot of gun control.

So while we have a lot of guns per capita, we also have very few homicides and in 2008 fully half of the homicides were not committed with firearms.

I know that Alaska and some other states also are very lenient but I doubt seriously that VA ranks in the top 15 in terms of allow firearms freedome.

10 minutes late
Virginia is heaven compared to its neighbors, DC and Maryland.

In VA, there is no gun registration, no "7-day" waiting periods and no "illegal" guns. MD and DC have all three.

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