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Where can the people of the USA find a honest politician??
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Where can the people of the USA find a honest politician??

We are a nation of complete dishonesty, why do you think so many people want to come here? its because the illegals, and foreigners get treated better than the people who have built this nation., with the help of crooked politicians giving them everything free thats why the illegals from Mexico and elsewhere want to live here, everything is given to them. The politicians are not paying for it, the people of this country are, the hard workers. If we had honest politicians,(ones that won't take kick-backs) maybe we would have a stronger nation. So where can we find people, (non lawyers,) who want to make this nation better not worse. The biggest majority of our Senate our kick-back pals, and its destroying our nation.. its true huh?, money can buy you anything, right you crooks in Washington??? So where are the Abe Lincolns of this nation, and the George Washingtons, just like them dead right? Man ladies, raise your sons right, and lets have some honest men running this country!!! HELP


Twanda--you make some very strong points here girl and I'm not going to get on one of my tiraids about all the stuff you bring out here--but still--and even with all of the faults and failures in the system--it is still the best thing going on this planet--I feel as you on so many of these issues but the one thing that sometimes is the only thing I feel I have to hold on to here is that as long as some of us are still aware and care--there is some hope

We --somewhere along the way--crossed over into a place where the greatest number of the people at large came to a marked decision to spend most if not all of their efforts on themselves and or their little clique of family and friends--beyond this tight little circle there has been smaller and smaller bits of give a damn for anything for some time now--And this is at a time when we have more things to draw on for the utilities in our lives and more things in our lives than at any other time in history--how ironic it is --that in the time of Lincoln --a time when there was very little to draw on but shear hard labor--the focus just outside of the individual's survival was--making the world a better place for the generations to come

I'll close here with a clip from my own sorted past--you bring up lawyers--I myself--although not a lawyer--have spent a major chunk of my life in the study of law--and count at least five as fairly close personal friends (have acquiantace with more than twenty)---and while at college one particular year--I was assigned a theme for thesis on the farewell speech to congress of our first president George Washington---one of the points made in this speech that I have had occassion to bring up hundreds of times since was this----Gentlemen I would that you consider not sending lawyers to this great body of representation and law---for they will COMPLICATE THE LETTER OF THE LAW TO THEIR OWN ADVANTAGE-- yet today people have and for some time now they have done just that--and the lawyers sent to Washington DC and state capitals around the nation have done just that and we wonder what is going on---here is a man of truely unbelievable insight of so many many years ago---so I too stand with you on this one and ask---WHERE ARE THESE MEN FOR THIS ERA ?? DO THEY JUST SIMPLY NOT EXIST ??

I'm still trying to figure out what "is" is.

I think if you want honest politicians you need to elect honest ones instead of the most handsome guy with the slickest ads.

I hear this complaint often, yet most people who feel politicians are all crooked are the ones voting for the candidates the two major parties put forth or they simply don't vote at all.

America has no one to blame for dishonest politicians but it's self. America is a country that not only gives you the right, but demands that you take action when you feel you are not being represented by your politicians.

Maybe it's time to tell the Donkeys and Elephants to go home and give some real people a chance for a change?

Better try in India.

Find an honest politician??? First you have to find an honest person

I'd like to become a citizen of another country, then come back to the USA as a foreigner. I'd be better off.

There is no such thing as an honest politician. it's an oxymoron. The nature of being a politician compells one to be dishonest. it's how the game is played.

politicians cant be honest because it isnt acceptable in politics. if you wanna get in politics you should play with rule of the game so dont even try to look for honesty but you can still find politicians who have some moral values so better look for them.

While I do not agree with your premise, that is, “We are a nation of complete dishonesty,” your basic question, “Where can the people of the USA find an honest politician,” is easy to answer.

The answer is you and your proactive involvement in the political process. Begin with something straight foreword and relatively simple, your local community. First, define just what is your local community. Is it a city, the county, something else.

Then what are the elected positions in your local community. For example, County board of Supervisors, City Council, Board of Education, Township Board of Trustees. Who holds these positions?

Who holds appointed positions for the numerous commissions, committees and boards and what do they do.

Each of these have agendas, minutes, budgets and all of this is public information.

Do you know the local issues? Are you involved?

The more proactive citizens, the better the system works.

Most people who seek elective or appointed office do so because they want to improve things. Over time they find that they are short funds and have to compromise. They also find that most of the people don’t care what is going on. While many of those holding public office may become callus have little faith in the people, few are actually corrupt.

Whatever the case, to the degree government doesn’t function (for whatever reason) there will be a direct relationship to the numbers of inactive citizens.

Welcoem to reality. Hard work and honesty get you ridiculed while complaining and whining get you ahead.

D. Mann
LOL! There is no such thing as an "honest" politician. You should know this!

You are absolutely misinformed Lady! You do need HELP ....get it quick....

Clinton lied to you. Bush did not. Trafficante is in jail, Kay Bailey Hutchinson is not. I'd say find them in the Republican party.

The best defense against corruption is an informed public. Get involved in political action groups that represent your views. You will find some, but getting them elected against bigger money candidates is difficult. Campaigns are very expensive to run and require large contributions. Often the candidate who has the most exposure wins, not the most honest candidate or the best one for the job. When elected, those that made large contributions to candidates typically want a return on their investment. That is why campaign finance reform is such a good idea.

I look at Ralph Nader, in my opinion the most honest candidate out there.... He is on the ballot every year, but does not run for the Democrats or Republicans because they represent corporate interests. He never comes close to winning. People seem to reject truth if it is not popular.

Visit our INDIA and feel contented!

"This" country was "built" by "foreigners and illegals". If it was Ok then, why is it a problem now?

Bad Liberal
Everyone in America* is an immigrant. It was built by immigrants and wouldn't be the country it is today without their hard work in the past.

*Arguably Native Americans are not immigrants, but even they moved into the continent from Siberia at the end of the last Ice Age. The only "true" Americans left live on the southernmost tip of South America, at Tierra del Feugo. Either way, stop complaining about something that applies to you as well.

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