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Why are laws important in a society?
Find answers to your legal question.

Why are laws important in a society?


Any type of society requires boundaries and guidlines to live by. It is a way of keeping everyone in order. If there is no order, there is anarchy.

To keep people in their place!

† Dark Prince †
Think of how bad the world would be without them!

Without them everything would collapse.

Jason F
Without them we would have a thing called anarchy.

pretty much so we won't kill each other

If we had no law and order we would have murders,rapes,muggings etc on every street corner which would go unpunished. We think it is bad now but without the law and our criminal justice system, it would be one thousand times worse.

Not all laws are so important. Generally laws are necessary so as to regulate how the society works, regulate the various duties, rights and obligations.
The problem however is that there are nowadays much too many, detailed, nitpicking laws- and therefore much too many lawyers. But that is another story... ;-))

Kai M
It is actually a very good philosophical question. We don't need the government to tell us that it is bad to steal, hurt people, etc.

But the one big strength that laws have is that they tell you EXACTLY what the punisment is that you can expect if you are ever found guilty of breaking them.

So when they are policed properly, they are outright bans with a deterrant or cost attached to them - if you do the crime, you've gotta be prepared to do the time and/or pay the fine.

Laws are important because if we didn't have them, lower minded people would simply do what they wanted, take from whoever couldn't stop them, etc. Laws (and law enforcement) are for the protection of people who can't protect themselves.

In order to keep a functional environment..without them it would all be chaos and anarchy.

Socitey makes the laws..a group of people !! They change all the time. From State to State and country to country. The laws are a guide line as to what is accepted and it keeps me from pinching my ex's head off.

just me
Because if I didn't like the fact that you asked this question...I could, without much hestitation or fear of punishment...seek you out and kill you because I felt like it...and perhaps include your family if I was so inclined at the moment....obviously, man, unrestrained, would resort to self rule or mob rule and, perhaps ultimately, anarchy.

Read the book Lord of the Files. that will explain why!!

jeff k
Erm yes, me thinks so.

why....YES... because if there were no laws there would be anarchy rape and pillage etc etc ...we have to have laws or standards to take us above animal status ..are you a dog or whatever animal you choose ... maybe hope not but to eventually love one another I knew that sounds sad and no I'm not on drugs ...but we all have standards to aim for......... don't think we will reach in my lifetime but hopefully the next generation and even the next if we survive long enough here.s hoping

In every part of the society the laws are essential and important even among best two persons

frank S
In addition to all the earlier answers - to keep lawyers in work.

Mariam Namakula
because it keeps society running. without law there would be chaos and it would be survival of the fitest and everyman for himself. not an ideal lifestyle for most Then the world would be unsafe and there would be no order in society.

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