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Why are people always executed at dawn?
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Why are people always executed at dawn?

I have a horror of all methods of capital punishment. But I wish they would at least carry out this, may be necessary, ritual at some decent time in keeping with the body clock.

It seems horrible to me that a human being should be woken at around 4.00 a.m. and asked to prepare for his life to be snuffed out. Maybe he's the worst of criminals, who has done much worse, but should the state emulate this?


imagine myself having to be excecuted i'd rather be executed at dawn too. it is a time when you are in a state of semi-inconsiouness due to the fact that you just wake up thus giving a state of calm that you probably won't have at 11 am....i agree with your views on capital punishment but we forget too fast about the thousand of people dying in darfur every day by starvation and we are shocked by a dictator being executed....bah..i don't knowwhat to say man..it's all so weird...

happy new year anyhow

Alpha M
A lot of the executions in the US are done at night (usually after midnight)

I dunno. Watch the sunrise I guess. Good question though. It's almost cliche anymore.

i think they execute at dawn because its a sign of the devil seeing or something around that.

People are not always executed at dawn. In most US states, executions take place shortly after midnight

Yawn. We kill murderers at 1 minute after midnight in California.

not all ways, allot are executed at midnight.

they're not

Actually, The USA usually kills them near midnight.
Britain, Canada, Australia and most European countries don't execute their inmates. They tend to be a little more compassionate, I guess.

Big C
The state does this cuz they will not have to pay the hangman overtime if it is done late in the afternoon.

Institutions of law are so inconsistent in their implementation of justice, usually biasing their decisions based on financial motives.

Mr. Burns
I agree with you that the taking of a life is a sad thing regardless of what they have done, and in reality keeping someone alive and imprisoned is a probably a worst punishment. I don't think I could bare to be locked in my bedroom with a TV for the rest of my life. In any case, I think that when they know they are going to die, they can't sleep anyway. I think they execute people at dawn to avoid crowds. I would protest a killing or watcha killing if it meant I had to get up at 3 am. In the case of Saddam I do believe he was executed at a time inconvenient for the masses to come and spectate.

A morbid, historical "tradition"

Since before the Roman Empire.

The "death warrants" usually stated a specific date, hence logical to do the deed at dawn.

In the USA, some states do this as soon after midnight as feasible, very morbid. "12:01 AM"

Few countries ever were than considerate about execution protocol. Well the United Kingdom did abolish hanging decades ago, always -at least- made the process ever so quick: however distasteful. One would only be in the execution chamber for seconds before death, all the verbal formalities having been done

But the UK does not do such anymore, here in the USA, well it is a slow and often blotched process of unspeakable misadventure.

Not real value in this discussion as many are just not getting the issues, good questions.

Besides the UK learned that many who were executed should not have even been convicted of premeditated murder or a military law violation.

Sadaam got the version of the British hanging, "proper" but still not "done well", regardless he is headed to Hell.

As a well - think that covers such, suspect we will get many more remarks.

What I have heard is most executions are done at 1 minute after mid-night.
The reason for that is the warrant for their death is only good for 24 hours, and in case the person has a heart attack or some other medical problem they have time to give them medical care to save their life so that they can be executed properly.

I say what a waste. If they had a heart attack (heaven forbid) and died why bring them back?

Not all criminals are executed at dawn, some times are

Actually there is no set execution time some places execute at sunset on the execution date, some at 12:01 the first minute on the execution date.

As far as being the worst I do not think Saddam would break the top 15 of the worlds superkillers or torturers.

Breakfast of champions? Sorry lol

i don't really like the idea either. i assume it is just tradition and has been for a very long time.

you mean with saddam? they had to get it over with before this holiday they were having where they couldn't execute anybody for a week. i see your point, but its not going to matter in five minutes. i'm not a big death penalty person either.

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