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Why do Americans insist they have the right to own a gun because of the constitution??
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Why do Americans insist they have the right to own a gun because of the constitution??

The Constitution says you have the right to bear arms not own them. If you look in the dictionary Oxford or if you prefer Webster's dictionary the word bare does not have in any of its defintions the word own so if you use the Constitution for your support where else does it say you have the right to own a gun??


just wondering
thats what bear arms means the right to own them

When that ammendment was created, they didn't have gun permits or any of that. They were concerned that the government would take away their weapons, which now it can unless a person ownes it. Therefore, Americans do have the right to own a weapon in order to keep the Constitution valid.

The second amendment says the right to KEEP and bear arms,

Yes, since any law that would stop ownership, would stop someone from carrying it ( bear) so unless the government is just going to furnish and give each citizen thier own gun when they turn 21, I guess to bear it, we have to own it.

dont try to be a smarta**

If I have the right to bear a gun, then how am I supposed to if I don't own one?

How would you suggest somebody excercise their right to bear arms if nobody were allowed to own them?

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

hmmm, now unless i'm blind here , it says KEEP and bear arms does it not .

nothing else needs said , other then as a american i have the constituional right to KEEP and BEAR ARMS

The right to bear arms is to own them. Did you think the benevolent arms fairy would loan you one in time of trouble?

And just how do you propose to "bare" arms if you don't have (own) a weapon to bare?

Because there are other laws that require you to resgister a gun you are carrying or in your possesion.

I own all the guns I bear. They don't belong to anyone else. They're mine and you can't have them.

Get your own!

ray z
Keep and bear arms. !!!
it is not to prevent crime, it is rather to keep the government honest and to keep those in power from instituting marshall law.
Guy Faux said "a people should not fear it's government, a government should fear its people" 1605

frank m
You don't like it move to France or Mexico or somewhere else and go complain to them!

Timothy T
The right the KEEP and Bear arms is the formemost provision to protect the citizenry from overarching govt. It's how the founding fathers fought off the brits, natives, and other hostiles over the course of the first oh say 250 years. We keep having to defend it, so it's a good idea to stick to this one. Given what is coming, I am arming up heavily.

You concede that we have the right to bare guns, but you question if we have the right to own them. You say in your premise, "The Constitution says you have the right to bare arms, (sic) not own them. Obviously, to the Framers of that document it was accepted that "bare" also meant "own" because they all had guns which they owned. Such as this is the exact reason I prefer judges be elected or appointed who consider the Constitution a rigid, as opposed to a living, document and rule upon it based upon what it meant at the time of the writing instead of what a certain word or phrase may mean today.

In order to bear arms you have to own them. How else can a person bear a firearm without owning it?

If the students at Va Tech had been allowed to bear arms on the campus legally, then perhaps the number of those killed would have been lower. The shooter violated the law by having a weapon on campus. Maybe if the libs/dems hadn't taken discipline and God out the schools this things wouldn't be happening. But of course we all know the libs/dems know what's best for everyone, right?

If someone wants to live in a society where guns are banned move to a country where they have a ban and leave the rest of us alone!

Your question is one I have not though of. It's good so here the answer.
Under the Rights Priviledge, Immunity part of the Constitution is where this question would fall.
The people own all the Rights, Priviledges, Immunities except those granted (given) to the government in order to form and operate a perfect Union.
The people are the Sovereign, the government is the servant of the Sovereign and does not have any right to what is not law.
Base upon on the Constituion and all its documents (thousands) you will find the supporting information. Take the time to read and I will assure you, you will know more than about guns. Your head will be bursting with a lot of wonderful information.

DUH You have to own the gun in order to bear it.

Then you tell me where will we bare them from? the government i doubt it the Constitution i doubt it first responders i doubt it...u know i feel that the Constitution was made for the people that was oppress and beat down with no notion of protection why because there was enemy's present to destroy all that was value and all we had at the time was moral value to love to live to understand and to learn to know right from wrong and to protect all that matter to us as country as a people as nation to bare arms to protect that our moral values.We bare the arms from our homes for that is where love begins is at home!

No person has a right "because of the Constitution" -- not the right ot own an gun or any other right. Individuals have rights as an inalienable part of their nature or identity as human beings. Rights may be protected or infringed by government, but they can neither be granted nor taken away. One acquires the right to own a gun simply by creating, purchasing, or inheriting a gun.

The Constitution is not a document whereby the government confers some finite number of rights on people. Indeed, our rights are innumerable. The Constitution is a document whereby the people specify a finite number of powers that they grant to the government.

The questioner is right in that the 2nd Amendment doesn't have anything to do with the right to own a gun. It is the 5th Amendment that prohibits the government from depriving a person of property (such as a gun) except by due process of law, i.e., as punishment for a crime, etc. However, the above question is ill conceived. It should have been, "Where in the Constitution is the government granted the power to interfere with gun ownership?"

Wow, Americans are really big on this!!! It's a gun, BIG DEAL. No ones stopping you from hunting, just don't buy a handgun those are designed for murder. And don't argue that it's self defense, owning one is much more likely to get you killed than save you!

Here in Canada our guns are registered rifles and shotguns for hunting. Crimes are committed with illegal handguns which are smuggled across the border or stolen from "collectors". Soon collecting will not be an excuse for owning a handgun, and those will all be illegal. GOOD RIDDANCE!!!!

Going to pick up my new 30-06 w/ scope next week! Look out moose....

It is a civil right based upon our courts interpretation of constitutional law.

because they are conservative republican closeminded rednecks and want to make up for their tiny manhoods

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