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Why do people get sentenced to jail for longer than their lifespan?
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Why do people get sentenced to jail for longer than their lifespan?

Here's the story: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20061104/ap_on_re_us/indiana_serial_killings;_ylt=AoWnLSDAQ98BJa5.zsJEY4LMWM0F;_ylu=X3oDMTA3MjBwMWtkBHNlYwM3MTg-


Althugh parole scarcely exists in many systems these days, this takes care of the matter if it is brought back.

Many, many criminals will die in prison these days. I have no problem with that; except that for those sentenced in the 1960s-1980s when the judge took account of the fact that most prisoners were released after serving half their sentence, there is some unfairness. Like the teenagers sentenced to "llfe" when life meant 20 years. Only now it means life, retroactively.

So that it's harder for him to get off, incase they find a way to take years off of their sentence.

So they know that they are never getting out ,never

Judy the Wench
makes them logically unable to get parole or time off for good behavior

So they can never harm another person.And so they die in jail.

to insure that they die in prison since he can't be give the death penalty that is there way to see that he never walks the streets a free man again.

It is a legal thing..You hear about people getting 4 consecutive life sentences, etc. If they are eligible for parole on the first one, the second one kicks in, and so forth.

that would never be completed... not on earth anyway.

ray b
To ensure they never ever again post a threat to the community....

One word....Cyrogenics

jim g
So they're not released for good behaviour..it'd be easier and cheaper to execute them but it some states that's not possible.

Rich B
According to the crime commited, there are guidelines judges use in sentencing. A minimum and a maximum. If the judge feels the criminal is beyond redemption or is a danger to society, he/she will impose the maximum sentence. It may be that the number of years is more than the expected lifespan of the person in question.

Teresa A
possibly so they can never get paroled for good behavior?

i think because sentences aren't really adjusted according to how long someone's going to live, and if they have a couple of felonies that have built up, then they just add on top of each other.

i've wondered that too, i think it could have something to do with parole. a life sentence doesnt have parole, and a 120 year sentence has a chance for parole if they live long enough

Because if you are sentanced for 5 years, someone can get you out, but if you sentances 200 years your staying in jail for life without a fighting chance.

Yea, i always wondar why that happened. Maybe thay would just die in jail. I really don't have any idea?

Because if u truly want to send someone away for their lifetime....a life sentence isn't really a LIFE sentence....like you're not there until u die necessarily....

It Co$t To Be Around The Bo$$
Because they get sentenced accorrding to their crimes not how long they are going to live.

just in case!, no really because you get so many years per crime

James J
For two reasons.
1) (the realistic reason.)
When a person is sentanced to say, ten years, he is, in some jurisdictions, eligible for parole in three years. Sentance him to 100 years, and he is still eligible for parole in 30 years. Sentance him to 300 years, and unless he is destined to live to the ripe old age of 120, he probably won't be around to make parole in 90 years.
2)(the propaganda reason)
Saying that a criminal is sentanced to a 300 yr term simply SOUNDS ominious and reminds all that the crime comitted was heinous and deserving of severe punishment. This may serve to discourage others from commiting the same type of crime.

It has to do with their parole ability. Some are sentenced to life, but may get paroled. Others are sentenced to life without parole. While yet others are given consecutive life sentences, or 150 years. The latter may still become eligible for parole, depending on the condition of their sentence.

To prevent early release.

So they can insure that the person wont be free again, thats why sme people would prefer the death penalty when they know that they are going to spend the rest of their life in prison.

So that their chances of getting freed on parole become narrower. In some states, a life sentence can mean that they will be eligible for parole after 15 to 25 years. If they have consecutive life sentences, then they will not get paroled. For sentences other than life, most parolees have to serve at least 85% of their sentence, for someone sentenced to 130 years, that is 110 years. Also, if someone is convicted of multiple crimes against multiple victims, a minimum sentence must be carried out no matter how absurd the length of imprisonment might ultimately seem.

Most sentences offer early parole under certain conditions. The longer the sentence, the more years it will be before the convict can qualify for parole. To ensure the offender serves a certain minimum of years, the sentence may be longer than the persons expected lifespan. This is a simple answer, but I'm sure someone will have more technical info for you at some point.

Because their crimes are so repugnant that the judge wants to make sure they never are free again. Regular sentences prisoners can get reduce time for good behavior and other stuff, so the longgggg sentences get around that.
AND the person should be euthanized but americans are to mentally frail to grasp that.

their counts are important because in a religous view his or her soul should be seen a punished soul as well...his testimony to god would be shamed

because the system doesn't always work...

Lyn K
the shorter the sentance,the sooner the person is up for parole.if theyve done something particularly heinous,its so they arent up for parole for a long,long time.in the case of consecutive life sentances,its for -again-especially horrific serial murders-then,the person will never be up for parole.

Lord Darkgoth Nitesabre
because in these scary times a "LIFE" sentance can mean less than 15 years!

Each charge is sentenced separately so that if it is reversed on appeal, other charges can remain, and be carried out as sentenced. If a person is convicted of several charges, the sentencing can really stack up. For example, some charged of murdering (4) people, might be sentenced for (4) life terms. In appeal, on of the convictions is over turned, then they would still have (3) life sentences left to serve.

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