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Why don't rich democrats give most or over half of their money to the poor?
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Why don't rich democrats give most or over half of their money to the poor?

don't they believe in sharing the wealth...high taxes for the rich to give to the poor...but if they strongly believe that, why don't the rich democrats/liberals give over half there money away now...why change laws to force people to give money...when rich Dems/Liberals can give right now...nothing is stopping them...or is it another do as i say not as i do thing...




the wealthiest member of the Senate (John Kerry of Massachusetts)
Additional Details
i am leaving out republicans and others mainly because i don't know all parties and democrats preach, tax the rich give to the poor...but they have an opportunity to do it now, but don't...


I think there's a logical explanation for it.

Liberals believe the government should tax everyone and give to the poor via government benefits.

Conservatives don't believe in government benefits. They believe in charity through churches and private charities.

because democrats are lame

the whole point for the rich Liberals is to get the OTHER guy to pay for everything so they don't have to pay anything

Pure and unadulterated greed.

No matter what people say they are still greedy and are only looking out for number 1.

Bonnie K
Would you give half or most of your money away. I find it hard to comprehend why anyone would give half there money away to the poor, how about comminty service teaching the poor to be educated and learn how to make money themselves instead of just giving it to them.

Guess Who?!!
Silly man! Because they want to give half or over half of YOUR money to the poor. Geez...you really think they're going to part with any of theirs?

Oh no no no, they want the average hard working Joe to give his money to the poor. They didn't mean there money!

Your Best Fiend
How do you know these people don't give away a great deal of their wealth? If these people are so rich, then by promoting a progressive tax they are promoting a tax on themselves. It hardly seems selfish.

Did you know that the majority of Congress members are millionaires? One can ask the question why the members of Congress need to be paid at all? I would bet that a good majority of Republicans voted to raise their own pay recently.

You need to get beyond the rhetoric and realize that most everyone who is in Congress is rich.

But, if John Kerry gave away half of his millions (you know that number is inflated because his wife is the Heinz heiress), then 50 or 100 million would be a drop int he bucket. There are more people who vote Republican who have far more money that John Kerry does. No one needs 100 million dollars or even much more than 1 million. Why do the people who oppose these taxes oppose them so strongly? It is because they are greedy, and they find shills like you to argue their ideas on merit when all they care about is their money.

stan l
I've always said it doesn't matter to the "middle class" who's in office. The Dems. will tax us and give it to the poor. The Reps. will tax us and give it to the rich.

The Republican Congress and White House has mounted a debt that your children's children can never pay. Bush started out with a surplus and now its Trillion in debt- that's a lot of dough

Bobby C
Why don't the RICH PERIOD give half of their money to the poor? Instead of over burdening the rest of us working class with outrageous fundraising... Half of 1 billion is 500 million...makes more sense than asking blue collar America to dig deeper...politics aside.

same reason rich librals won't silly

Good question


because they are to busy spending it on crack and gay bars,maybe payoffs too

Dems and Rep are two sides of the same coin

Millionaires vs billionaires and such

Fall Down Laughing
And why are you omitting Republicans and Independents from this question? Could you be a bit biased?

Aren't they taxing themselves when they tax the rich? Republicans, on the other hand, give tax breaks to the rich (i.e., themselves). It sounds like Democrats are at least willing to share the burden if they tax themselves. There is a flaw in your logic.

Kerrys' wife is richest Just cause your spouse has money doesn't mean you have money.

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