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Why is it illegal in Kentucky to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket?
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Why is it illegal in Kentucky to carry an ice cream cone in your back pocket?


Barkley Hound
For the same reason you can't have sock puppet shows in your window in New York City. The world would come to an end if you did it.

So it doesn't poke you in your azz. They are just looking out for your well being.

We have a bunch of stupid laws like that in Texas too:

It is illegal to take more than three sips of beer at a time while standing.

It is illegal for one to shoot a buffalo from the second story of a hotel.

It is illegal to milk another person's cow.

It is illegal to make a U-turn in Richardson, TX.

Oh, and in Alabama, boogers may not be flicked into the wind.

porcerelllisman q
nothing is illegal in Ky

Judy W
Very old and stupid law.

Because kentucky politicians realize it doesnt affect anyone and so they are too lazy to change it.

You can be that one person that cares. Take it to the supreme court!

they dont give a reason on any of their law websites. its just another one of those "dumb laws" that are still in the books

you know in new jersey, its illegal to buy ice cream after 6pm without a doctor's note? (yes this is a law)

idk but why is it illegal to tie your giraffe to a light poll in new york or why is it illegal to tie your pet alligator to a fire hydrant in new orleans? knowin noone would have that in public.

but i came to realize that maby it pissed alot of people off back in the old days cause someone somewhere did something to make these laws become active.

It is one of the old laws from the 1800's men would put the cone in the back pocket (with no ice cream) to lure the horses away and thus steal them.

Because some idiot did that once upon a time in public and a horse tried to eat it. When the owner of the cone tried to get away from the horse a ruckus ensued and created a lot of damage.

to prevent horse theft..they like ice cream hehe

Yes and its against the law to spit on the sidewalks or cuss.


I'm not sure but.....there is a law in Michigan from the early 1800's still on the books today that says a married man cannot buy or sell property without his wife's permission... but the wife CAN. My husband and I found this out when we went to sell our homes we had each purchased before our marriage. He couldn't sell his without my permission, but I could sell mine. I laughed myself to pieces (sitting here held together with good ole Elmer's Glue), he was furious. I told him it was payback for women having to fight for the right to vote. This was a few yrs ago but it's still on the books as far as I know. I still tease my husband and ask if he's bought any houses lately that I don't know about.

The bank said this was enacted at the time because so many women during that era were young widows who owned farms and there were men who married them and sold their property out from under them. The law actually surprised me because women didn't get the right to vote until the early 1900's, but they had THAT law on the books almost 100yrs earlier.

I don't know, but why is it that children may smoke, but they may not purchase cigarettes in Massachusetts

What? In your back pocket?! As stupid as the one here that says you can tie your horse where he can't reach a watering trough.

what if you forgot it was there and sat down? that would be sooooo disgusting.

To prevent someone from acting the fool.

1. dunno
2. why would u.. it would melt!

Because that's retarded.

that would be utah and you can not carrie it in your back pocket while driving a car

nice g
Is that true?I never knew that.

Scifi Boy
Actually, that is for Lexington, Ky. In the 1970's there were a alot of ice cream stores being robbed and they passed the law to help stop it. It is one of those silly laws that they passed, but never bothered to take off the books. I would say that if the police caught you with ice cream in your pocket now, they would do nothing.

cause horse thieves used that as a way to get someones horse to follow them home.

Anon omus
it is? wtf? wow, im gonna go to kentucky and put an icecream cone in my back pocket, then tear up my ticket! LOL!

trebor namyl hcaeb
Who cares?

Never heard of that one before. Besides why are you carrying an ice cream cone in your back pocket?

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