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Why is it illegal to park on the front lawn of my property?
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Why is it illegal to park on the front lawn of my property?

Every time I park my car in the front lawn the parking enforcement comes and gives me a ticket. Is there a way to combat these or something?


uh...I'd start with asking them what the parking regulations are that forbid your parking there.

No, you can't fight this. These laws are to help you and your neighbors keep their property values from declining. If you park on your yard and kill your grass, it not only makes your property value go down, but so does your neighbors.

And, of course, property taxes are based on property value, so as the value goes down, so does the taxes collected.

Lisa A
Because your council or whatever government your area has passed a law saying it is illegal.

Because the rst of us don't want to live in the barrio

Parking regulations are local, not universal. You should check the ordinances of your town and find out if such parking is really prohibited. Many towns prohibit such parking under the guise of the laws of nuisance. The ticket has an ordinance number on it. Read the ordinance. You can see it at city hall, or the courthouse, or probably in your public library. If you don't like that ordinance, then run for city council or county commission on the platform of allowing people to park in their yards. Maybe someone will vote for you.

It isn't a parking law...it is a zoning law you are violating. Most towns have a zoning law that states you cannot park vehicles in your front yard. However, if you blacktop an area off of your driveway, it becomes part of your driveway and it is then ok.

There are even streets that you cannot park on.

The zoning laws in my town prohibit certain colors of paint for the exterior of your house...so consider yourself lucky, it could be worse.

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