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Why is it illegal to tear up money?
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Why is it illegal to tear up money?


Esther S
Why is it legal to shoot you?

Same answer--It isn't.

The law against defacing money forbids altering the money and then trying to spend it. Tearing up money is the same as saving the money and never planning on spending it. Absolutely nothing wrong with it (legally, maybe not so smart financially).

Because it's essentially government property. You are just "borrowing" it.

steve r
It is not illegal to tear up money

i have no answer

Because instead of tearing it you should deposit it to my bank account

Give me secession
Well, it is pretty hard to tear up a gold or silver coin, that is the only thing me and my state constitution recognizes as money.

because the dollar is worth lets say X amount on the global market vs the euro that is worth y ...... imagine if there were only 10 dollars in the USA and only 5 euros in Europe now you tear one to pieces now there are 10 dollars which makes the dollar worth less

Adam is right

some call me.......... Tim
umm i didn't know it was but couldn't they just print more

it could be a few things.. wasting the $, $ becomes useless if it can't be taped back together, lol have had to do that b4, it can't be put back in to circuit after it is taped (after the bank gets a hold of it, it is taken back to get burned)..

not saying these are true, just things that would make sense to me on why..

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