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Why is it "illegal" to remove those tags from pillows and mattresses?
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Why is it "illegal" to remove those tags from pillows and mattresses?

According to those tags, it is a legal violation to remove those tags. Why on earth would that be?
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Haha, yes, this is a hard-hitting, thought-provoking question. I plan on it changing the world. :-)


The Girl Is A Geek
Specifically it is illegal to remove them before purchase as once you sleep on them (even once), they get gross.

You have probably noticed that the first time you take the pillow out of the plastic, the tag is very crisp and not wrinkled in the least.

That is how you can tell the pillow is NEW (not used and recycled)

Once it is yours, go ahead and tear them off! It says "To be removed by consumer" BTW...not "Never remove"....

Plus, that is where all the warnings and such are written.

I believe it's only illegal for someone other than the rightful owner, like the company that sells it to remove it b4 the customer buys it.

Support ♥Kym♥
It not illegal if the purchaser removes them. The stores can't remove them because they have warning notices on them that the buyer needs to see.

Clara Nett
LOL, its only illegal for the tag to be removed BEFORE it has been purchased. . .

You can pull the tag off anytime after you have purchased it.

It is illegal for the seller to remove them. Once you buy it, you can do what you want with the tags. The tags are there to indicate that the manufacturer complies with federal guidelines for the manufacture of pillow , mattresses, etc. They let you (the consumer) know that you are buying a product that meets those certifications.

Why ask me?
It's illegal for the retailer to remove them. Duh! Once someone buys them you can do whatever you want.

before you buy them i believe

I believe it's a legal violation to remove the tags prior to sale to the consumer. It's so that the sellers won't remove them before the buyer reads the information on them.

actually, some places have now made it legal to remove them, but they're put there to free the companies of any liabilities in case stupid people do something, well stupid, and want to sue them for injuries or damages. basically, saves them money.

Joy M
It's not illegal for the final owner of the pillow or mattress to remove the tags. The warning on the tags is for the retailer of the pillow or mattress, it is illegal for them to remove the tag before it's been sold to a customer.

Many people ignore the entire text on the tag, it does (or should) state "not to remove under penalty of law EXCEPT by the final purchaser/user."

Lisa F
it is before you buy them not after. it is so that you don't get some place trying to sell you a "used" one that could make you sick or give you the bed bugs.

Those tags are the product of a government bureaucracy. Mattresses and pillows have to be inspected and certified as safe, and those tags are meant to show that they are. A consumer (for some obscure reason) has to have the government tell them that their mattress or pillow is safe, since they are too stupid to choose for themselves. It is part of what makes mattresses so expensive (considering the materials cost the manufacturer less than $100). The same safety laws require the warnings on alcohol and cigarettes.

One eyed pirate
It is illegal before you purchase the mattress in case someone had an allergy. If you bought the mattress you can remove the tag.

robert g
I don't know but where do you apply for a job as a Tag police officer?

Peter K
It is illegal to sell them without their tags. You can however remove them once you own them since you are the final consumer.

its only illegal before you buy them its okay once you buy it i believ it says can only be removed by consumere

Robert M
They need toe info for if it is resold, dumped (for toxic reasons). It might have something that someone is allergic to so that is why you need to tag info.

Mine said to be removed by the consumer... which would be me since I bought it... hell remove the tags... do you want them poking at you and sticking out from under your sheets and when you take all the time to make the bed nicely and there are those ugly tags?

It provides information to you the consumer that allows you to contact the manufacture or provides other legal information. You as the end consumer may remove the tag anyone else along the chain (store, manufacturer) are not permitted to remove the tag.

Sabine M
Hahahaha. It's not illegal once you have bought them and taken them home, only for the seller. Because of health regulations mattresses have to be labeled with certain information by law.

LOL ah those hard hitting questions like does the refriegerator light still stay on when you close the door. :) J/K
It's only if they are selling them and they remove them without the purchaser choosingn to leave them on or not.

i love red tank tops
because it states there some caution on how to not deal it with kids (i.e. how to not suffocate them) so when anything goes fatal, at least the pillow company has all the power to state that they put on the tag the caution thing.

in case you commit a crime so they can track you down

MP US Army
so a store will not remove them before you buy the product.

just another way the government gets in to your business.

if you think that's stupid take a look at the non removable info on your car sun visor.

think if you look *carefully* at the mattress tag, it says not to remove under penalty of law EXCEPT by the final purchaser/user.

The reason for this is quite simple: People need to know what materials went into the manufacture of the mattress. If they are allergic to something in the mattress, sleeping on it could be quite hazardous to their health.

Then Santa won't know if you're sleeping so he can sneak in to deliver presents.

if you are in the store i would see but if outside then no its legal to remove them

Fairness, why
Because they contain government tracking devices.

Ross S
Its actually not for the customer but for the maker. I know its weird but I saw it on the how the make it show

Perry J
Because that's how Santa knows when you're sleeping, and when you're awake, and how he knows who is Naughty (Giggity Giggity Goo) or Nice.

Digital Age
That's a good question. I wondered about that when I was a kid...and saw that it was illegal to pull the tags off!
I'm guessing, but only guessing, it has something to do with fire safety....if the materials are listed on the label.

I dont care about when I remove it. What annoys me Is the fact that I pay good money for a pillow or a couch and then am stuck with an unsightly tag that spoils the aesthetic beauty of the product. Cutting the tag off still leaves an ugly white line in the hem!!!!!

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