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Would you shoot and kill someone for tresspassing into your yard and taking a bike ?
Find answers to your legal question.

Would you shoot and kill someone for tresspassing into your yard and taking a bike ?

I seriuosly would .
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crimanals dont have rights. First my bike , what next my son ?


Make sure no one is looking, drag the body into the house and then call 911.

Merry Christmas to you too!!

No. I don't think I would like prison.

no why would you kill over a bike?? It is just a thing - it is not worth a life.

Right all the time!
Yes, because I have no idea what other crimes this individual is willing to commit while they are trespassing on my property. They may want to kill me so I don't turn them in. Who knows.... One thing is for sure that I know and that the law in my state says that I can shoot them for trespassing and that I WON"T go to prison. So if someone wants to commit a crime against me on my property, THEY sure need to be ready to deal with the consequences I have in store for them and that the law will back me on. Either the better run REALLY fast or they will end up --- DEAD MEAT!!!

Demonic by name, demonic by nature, eh?

How can you possibly compare the value of a human life to that of a bike?

live in texas, its legal here, as well as in your car.

i seriously felt like you did last year when the creep down the street stole my kids gifts. i told myself that he must need them more than me and i felt sorry for him because karma was going to bite him in the asss. hopefully tomorrow some of your neighbors will have seen something and can lead you in the right direction. good luck.
patrick g...i disagree. i don't care if you live in TX...you will spend time in prison. you only have a right to shoot and kill someone if your life is in danger.

Depends if it was my Harley or my BMX bike? if they go for the Harley theyll get at least 2 slugs in the as s, if its the BMX bike only 1 shot to the as s.


nope... I would call the police.

Silly World
Then you get bike thieves who might as well use a gun for protection
Why America has a gun problem

To answer your question;

I would not shoot to kill, shoot to wound maybe but one thing is for sure. The person would never steal anything else your way that is for sure.

Will The Typical White Person
I'd say freeze or I'll shoot, they don't freeze they get shot especially if I have " NO TRESPASSING " signs already posted. America doesnt have a GUN problem, Had some of the students and teachers had guns at Virginia Tech maybe the lives lost would still be with us..

No. Tresspassing and theft on your land are not felonies. Further, in my state Minnesota, you are going to have to articulate why used so much force when you were not in danger of death or great bodily harm. Odds are you would end up in prison yourself.

a bike? You don't have insurance do you?

여사 밑바닥 헌납자
I don't have a gun, but I would shoot them a dirty look.

ms chris brown
I would maybe. I would if the bike cost me a lot of money. If I didn't give a **** about it, then I wouldn't.

john e
No, you don't have a right to shoot to protect property.

Delta V
Of course not..! And whoever did shoot a bike thief would find themselves in the slammer real quick.

InspirAsian © Mitchell Myers
violence is not the answer.ha.

The laws differ by state. In mine, this is permissible. Yes, I'd defend my property with lethal force. Thieves will find no mercy from me.

Edit: Many on here feel a bike isn't worth a human life, yet the thief would disagree. The thief, as the aggressor, has decided his life is worth less to him than my property. Why should I disagree with his summation? I, too, value my property above the lives of those who wish to unlawfully seperate me from what's mine.

You have the right to. They are tresspassing in your land.

Patrick G
Yeap, sure would. And contrary to the answers above, luckily I live in a state where it is legal to defend your property with lethal force.

I wouldn't spend a day in prison.

Buster Vainamoinen
I don't think that deadly force is indicated for a bike theft.

I could be wrong.

Elaine N
for just a bike? that'd be too much for me... if they were already leaving my front yard with the bike, i wouldn't grab a gun and run out there and shoot them, it'd be too cruel. i'd just call the police. a bike is not that much money either and a life is not the same value as a bike. maybe i'd get the gun and shoot at them, but not kill them, only if the bike was made out of diamonds and was worth thousands of dollars though.

still.. maybe they really needed the bike. people make mistakes in their life, things that they will probably will regret later. maybe they don't really mean to hurt you.. everybody has their reasons etc. etc. and you don't know their life, so why would you kill them over one little thing like a bike? that is so cruel

**dang, already two thumbs down? i guess people really just want to kill people they don't know.. -____-

lettt''ssss seee.. uhh.. how about you have a friend.. and your friend was dared to go run and grab a bike from a neighbor's house.. and he died. shot dead by the owner. just over 1 fking bike worth 70 bucks only. your friend made a mistake and died without having a second chance. isn't that sad?? .___. not getting to ya? would you enjoy shooting people?

ohhh, i see... what the hell. why would the same person who wants a bike want your son too? he can sell both on ebay or something? flee market? if somebody comes after your son then shoot them.. for a bike then it's just no.

ii would only if my life or my husband or stepsons life was in danger. i would first call the cops an let them do their job before i took it in to my own hands unless they threatened me or my family.

Did you have a sign posted saying "No Trespassing?"

Does you state allow you to use lethal force to defend property? Many states do not.

Now that you posted this, you have show premeditation in your actions. Just what the DA and plaintiff's lawyer need to really clobber you.

Way to go slick.

the bike is not worth killing over, but if possible catch and wait for the cops, and sometime's it starts with just a bike and can lead into, you being unsafe!!!! get a stun gun, and a big dog

Return of Bite My Shiny Metal...
Sure. Ridding the world of one more criminal is a public service.

No. A bike isn't worth someone's life.

hell yeah, they on my mother fuckin property fuck that nigga in the ass.

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