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are landlords required to provide a fire extinguisher in tn?
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are landlords required to provide a fire extinguisher in tn?

we have lived in our apartment complex since november. We did the walk through when we moved in and I noticed that there is only one smoke detector, on the 2nd floor although it looks as though there was one in the kitchen, and that there is no fire extinguisher in the apartment. I contacted the office and let them know, but they have still made no attempt to provide us with one or replace the missing smoke detector.


1. Before leasing or renting, make sure your building is safe and up to code.

* Look for smoke alarms in the hallways and in the apartment - ideally, you should have multiple alarms in your unit. Existing apartments require smoke alarms in the hallway outside sleeping areas. Newly constructed apartments now require them IN the sleep room, as well.
* Look to see where the fire extinguishers are located. There should be at least one fire extinguisher in the cooking area or kitchen.
* If you believe you need to add smoke detectors or fire extinguishers, talk to the landlord about your safety concerns and what you both can do to improve your safety situation.

No they are just required to keep the building to code. They just need to make sure of things like you will be properly notified of the fire and can get out safely(these are just the basic stuff). You have to buy a fire extinguisher if you want to save your stuff.

Psalm 109:8
I'm pretty sure that apartment complexes are supposed to have at least one in each hallway (the common areas outside apartments). But you'd have to check with your state safety laws. You could call the fire dept. and ask. I'm sure someone there would know.

Call the local NONemergency fire station number and ask the firefighters. They will know. Or call the nonemergency police line and ask them.

answers smartass
if you want a fire extinguisher you have to but one yourself

Joe B
Rental houses have to have them, apartments they must be in in a nearby hallway but there is no requirement mandating a personal extinguisher in each unit.

Here's the Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act – Tennessee, in which I see no mention of fire extinguishers:


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