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would it be legal to carry a sulphuric acid spray as a form of self defense?
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would it be legal to carry a sulphuric acid spray as a form of self defense?

i realized that a sulphuric acid spray would be much more effective than pepper spray, but is it legal??


Bob B
The legality of any self-defence equipment varies depending on your state and/or country. Regardless of the legality, though, no court will look kindly on you if you used something like sulfuric acid as a weapon, considering the damage it causes.

There's also the risk that your assailant could fight back and get some of the acid on you as well, so it's not even an advisable self-defence mechanism anyway.

High Plains Drifter
NO, NO and NO. That stuff at 50% dilution would kill the person b4 the ambulance could even get their. You would literally melt their face off. I would be willing to use it on child molesters though in the groin area.

No, spraying acid on a person is not legal unless you are in a life and death situation. Even then, however, the deck is stacked against you because the court can use it as evidence that you were out looking for a fight. Furthermore, spraying acid on someone can give horribly disfiguring scars on people which can be used against you to sway a jury. Pepper spray, however, is effective AND does not do any permanent damage.

Seriously, forget the acid spray and stick with pepper spray or enough sense to avoid situations that may require you to use either.

I hope not!

No It would be considered an illegal weapon. Pepper spray isn't even allowed in all States.

no it would not be legal..

why not- cheaper than a tazer

Diana B
Anything that can be used to inflict harm would be considered a weapon, and you would face arrest and prosecution.

It would not. Sulfuric acid, because of its very high temperature upon burning, can cause permanent damage to your eyes or even permanent blindness, so it is generally illegal to carry on one's person in almost all jurisdictions.

What kind of container would you carry it in?

I think you'd have to figure out how to safely carry it, before you had to worry about its legality. Sulphuric acid eats right through metal.

uh no. maybe carry mace+a stun gun and an alarm

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