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An HR question! What can happen if you refuse to sign your evaluation at work?
Find answers to your legal question.

An HR question! What can happen if you refuse to sign your evaluation at work?

Everone gets evaluated, what if you don't sign your eval like they want you too? are you fired?


Signing it does not mean you agree with it: It merely informs that you have been made aware of it. You can sign it with your name, and a close, such as "under duress", "disputed", or anything else you may wish. And I encourage you to: If it becomes a legal matter, doing that will give you SOME merit.

If you refuse to sign the evaluation, some companies have a policy where HR is to write "refused to sign" in the blank.

An employer can terminate you for various reasons. I don't see where they'd have any legal ground to terminate you for refusing to sign. Again, most reputable companies have HR write in the disclaimer mentioned above and just let it go: the purpose of an evaluation is to let the employee know where they stand with the company, what the employer believes are your strengths and areas of improvement. They know some people do not like to hear those things, the areas of improvement, so they are ready for the possibility that the employee won't sign.

If the employer is such a hard-*** that they'd say refusal to sign is grounds for dismissal, which I don't think they can do legally, you just have to ask yourself if the job is really worth it.

I agree with Zorch. Signing it just says that you've seen it...does not state that you agree with it. If you don't sign, you just make trouble for yourself and then you are the troublemaker that everyone in management remembers....talk about being in the crosshairs. Do yourself a favor and sign the darn thing.

Signing it just means that you had an opportunity to see it, know what it says about you. It doesn't mean that you agree with it. If you refuse to sign, you create a problem since there now will be no proof that you ever were evaluated at all. So, sign it, understanding that you may not agree with it.

I don't think you will be fired. A lot of ppl don't agree with theor eval and refuse ot sign. In that case the manager usually calls in another manager, asks you again to sign, if you refuse they will just write "Refused to sign" in the space and both managers initial it.

Dr. Deth
you probably won't get your raise

usually not, they just put, refused to sign. If you don't want to sign your evaluation, you can write a note at the bottom stating you do not agree with it and why and THEN sign it.

Barry auh2o
Refusal to sign may mean you agree with it.
Now, if it contains a lot of negative things, you just agreed to be fired if you do not improve your performance.

Nothing will happen. The signature is an acknowledgement that you saw the eval, not that you agree with it.

No, probably not. The manager/supervisor, with another manager (likely) or employee (not recommended, but it happens sometimes) present, will just note on the evaluation that the employee refused to sign.

As someone else has mentioned, signing the evaluation just means you received it, not that you agree to all the statements within. You should be able to make your own comments related to the ratings or suggestions on the evaluation or at least able to attach a statement to it.

There is really no reason to not sign the evaluation, unless the information placed on the evaluation is maliciously false and you think they may be setting up to terminate you based on some other protected factor besides your performance (race, color, gender, nationality, religion, etc.).

You could sign it, but they should also offer you an opportunity to write a rebuttle to any info you disagree with. You could just make an attachment on plain white paper. Also make sure to write on the original document a note to see the attachment so that it doesn't get misplaced later.

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