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Are employees suppose to sign off on their time sheets before having a check cut?
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Are employees suppose to sign off on their time sheets before having a check cut?

At work my boss makes me work over 20-30 minutes everyday. I called the payroll department and told them I wasn't paid for all the time I worked. They said, "You should have seen that on your time-sheet before it was sent to us." I said, "What time-sheet?" Then they sent me to the head bosses phone and she said, "Well, if you work over 15 minutes one day then you usually get off 15 minutes early another-it all works out." I told her I never get off early (although my bosses favorites do). Payroll let it slip that someone "signed" my time-sheet. Then they tried to back pedal and say, "Oh, but it may just be the director's (head boss) initials on it." I was told to ask for my time sheet, but my boss won't do anything for me and keeps putting me off. I was hired to work 4 hours a day. If I work over those 4 hours am I not suppose to be compensated for my time? Also, has anyone ever had a time sheet that did not require their signature before being turned into payroll? I think I smell a rat.


it is not a requirement by LAW that the time sheet be signed by you but it is required to be accurate. it also must contain certain information for each shift you work, it is NOT okay to just balance them out from one day to the next and 'payroll' knows that.

politely let the employer know that if they are not going to pay you for the time you work you will have to file a wage claim and complaint with the department of labor.
this link shows the websites for each states department of labor:

in almost every state they must have payroll records available for you to inspect upon request. payroll records are not part of the personnel file and must be accessible for inspection. in most states the employer has a limited number of days to provide payroll records once requested or face fines.

Sherry C
Yes you should get a copy of the time you worked. Some companies expect you to sign off on the time-sheets; some don't. What does your employee handbook say about undocumented work.

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