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Are there laws against employers cursing at employees?
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Are there laws against employers cursing at employees?

Are there any laws against employers cursing at their workers, lying and talking down to them or just plain old being disrespectful, and mean spirited. I use to work at a company where this would happen and there were supervisor you would say to you that they didn't care what the law says, they can do what they want. I even saw managers wanting their friends to beat people up away from the job.


Scott K
Harassment is illegal. If the behavior crosses the line the employee can contact the state department of labor and industries and file a complaint.

Employees have sued employers for creating a hostile work environment but they don't always win. I think most abusive bosses depend on the possibility of being fired + the very real chance you take in losing such a lawsuit to get away with acting like schoolyard bullies in the workplace.

It's not illegal to be rude, stupid, etc. The bigger question is this: why stay where a supervisor is so demeaning?

However, having people beat up is against the law -- if you can prove the manager arranged the beating. That's a case for the police.

A hostile work environment is one where you are being treated poorly only because of being in a protected class. If the supervisor is equally mean-spirited to all or most -- you don't have a legal case.

You can check with your local Human Rights office and Labour Board. There should be something about abusive, hostile behaviour, poisoned work environment, etc. Most companies would also have a policy about it.

Good luck

i don't think its illegal, but i'm sure i lawsuit could arise from that. the employee could site emotional distress or something like that.

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