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Are you entitled to PTO if you are fired or quit?
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Are you entitled to PTO if you are fired or quit?

I will be leaving my job. We are sitting down tonight to have an "exit interview" I will be requesting that I be paid for my accrued PTO (paid time off). If the employee handbook does not say either way, am I entitled to it? They are not asking me to fulfill my notice, so I would assume that I can be compensated for my earned pto. Am I correct? I live in Florida if that makes any difference.


lenny p
Michr is correct. Even when PTO is considered paid vacation (or a combination of vacation and sick leave) there is no requirement to pay off the accrued balance at termination of employment in Florida. You could check your company policy to see if they obligated themselves to pay in this way, but otherwise, you cannot expect to be paid. I guess it is too late to use it before you leave...

in Florida it is an employer decision the law does not mandate that you receive any accrued PTO at separation.

there are a few states that require you be paid for "earned" vacation time at separation (Florida is not one of them) but none require sick or personal days or "Paid Time Off".

In Florida it is not mandated by law that an employer must pay out PTO, it is an employer policy. If your handbook does not address whether you are going to be paid out this time or not you will have to wait and see what happens unless you know someone in HR that you could ask that question.

it is completely at the employers discretion, however usually vaction is paid but not personal or sick time

Bad me
Yes, you will receive PTO because PTO is something you earned. I would double check. I know at my company they will pay you out if you quit or are fired. I have 180 hours of PTO. My company does not offer PTO anymore so I have a saved PTO bank.

I have another sick bank that was just provided to us for (x) amount of years worked - but, if you quit or are fired I can't get those.

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