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Boss says i must arrive 15 minutes before my shift starts!!!?
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Boss says i must arrive 15 minutes before my shift starts!!!?

Just wondering if he is allowed to do this this 15 mintues is without pay and of great inconvineance to me as the timings of my bus mean i either get there 45 mins before shift starts or 2 mins before. but he docks my wages if i am not 15 mins early?.. BTW i am in the uk and would love to know if there is a law to the affect (like america) saying if my boss demands me 15 mins early he must pay me for those 15 mins.. etc
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Just to clarify a few points
1 - yes its a serious question thank you.
2 - it applies to all 60+ staff not just me, so its not just against the late guys.
3 - i have never been late for a shift, as stated i have arrived two minutes before the start of shift and was penalised. my shift start is 6:30 ( thats what we get paid), i arrived 6:28 and i was docked until 06:45. event though i was ready to go at 06:30..
5 - as stated i have the oppertunity for two buses (i live 40 mins bus ride from work and dont drive) so i cant just leave 15 mins earlier.
6 - a simple maths equation tied for this (60 staff x 15 mins X 7 days a week = 105 Man hours a week he is taking from us all) so this is not a trival matter.


Fred F
What he wants is that you actually start work on time.

If you arrive in the building at the exact time of your shift then you are not ready to start work. By the time you have got ready, had a cuppa, chatted to your mates etc then it is probably 15-30 minutes after arriving that you actually do any work.

All your boss wants is for you to start on time. Perfectly reasonable request.

Chris F
I feel it would be reasonable for an employer to ask that you are ready and prepared for work at the commencement time.
To arrive soaking wet, out of breath and disheveled at the exact moment the clock turns to the start time would be unfair to your employer and your colleagues.
Hence the insisitence for an early clock-in, I should strongly imagine.

Ask your employer and explain the bus situation.

What hours does your contract say you start?
Are you with a union? if not join one fast...
This request is unreasonable especially as your emloyer is stopping you 15 mins pay for clocking in 2 minutes earlier than your start time. You started at 6:30 you should be paid from 6:30 and it is illegal to deduct your pay if your contract states your start time is 6:30.
You don't state how many hours a shift you work or what type of work you do but i would ring acas and get some advise from them.
Or join a union for a couple of months and ask them to take up your case for you but evidence will be needed so start to keep a record pay slips etc

Ed P
This can be a no win deal .Complain and they will bend over backwards to dump you .A union would not less this go on .Read my lips

By law, he will have to pay you for the 15 minutes.
In my previous factory we operated " a hot seat changeover " which meant that someone was manning a production belt at all times. We started at 8am. and the person from whom we were taking over from, didn't finish their shift officially till 8.10 am, and was paid for the extra 10 minutes. The changeover usually occurred around 8.05 am. This gave us time to change into our overalls and the other person to wash and change before they went home.
If the boss wants you ready to start at the dot of 8am, he has to pay you for the lead in time of 15 minutes.

Al Zymer
Times have changed. If you value your job, you have to be flexible, to a degree. Bear in mind the current high unemployment rate. Larger employers used to have to deal with strong Trade Unions for such matters; not so much now. Any protest or discussion about this with your boss, should be done together, not by yourself.

Cool Hal
When I worked in an office it was suggested that we get to the office 15 mins early - so that we can grab a coffee, have a chat with our co workers etc. It also prevented those who are constantly late being so. It is not always about getting additional work out of people like you suggest in point 6 but preventing the opposite happening. You probably realise that some people arrive at 6.30 on the dot - then go and hang their coat up, then go the toilet, grab a coffee speak to the person next to them about what they did the night before and actually start work at 6:45 - so on your simple maths he could lose 105 man hours a week (in a recession that is a lot). Then some people go for a ciggerate mid morning for 15 mins that they are being paid for amd another one in the afternoon - all of a sudden your boss is losing 3/4 of an hour per day from some employees.

What you need to do is sit down with him and explain your situation and look to a compremise - explain that you understand his position and why he is doing it, agree that in principle you support it, however you took the job knowing that it coincided with your buses (explain that you catch two) and ask him if there is someway you can agree to work this out. Most bosses live in the real world and it would be unreasonable of him to expect you to get there at 05:45 for a job that starts at 06:30 but unless you explain that to him he wont know each of his 60 employees travel arrangements.

Is there someone you could car share with?

But you said nothing about getting into work -- hypothetically, of course -- AFTER the beginning of your shift. The reason I say this is because some people think they are being very clever when they tell a person who is chronically late, for instance, to be ready fifteen minutes or so earlier than necessary. This is their way of making sure the Johnny-come-lately does not come late.

You don't suppose your boss is one of those types, do you? Of course this scenario would not apply at all if you are a person who arrives to work on time each day.

He has a reasonable request and you must adjust your schedule to your work. However, he should allow you to clock in early within reason.

No , you can't be docked time for not being there when your not paid to be there, unfortunately if you go to the cab it will create a bad atmosphere at work, Why not leave 15 minutes early,
to answer the question ,yes we have employment laws and yes he is on dodgy legal ground.

I think that stinks and he should not be allowed to do that. I don't know what the law says, though, but in general, our laws protect us more than they do in the US so it should.

Margaret S
I do not think it is an unreasonable request.

As others have said it is too easy for a business to lose out on man hours through a few minutes here and a few minutes there.

Punctuality doesnt men getting th ere on the dot, it means being there beforehand and ready to go.

So I repeat I do not think it an unreasonable request.

Is this a serious question?

I shagged her rotten, yeah!
Take your azz to work like your boss says. I would sack you.

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