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Can Companies hold an arrest against you in hiring?
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Can Companies hold an arrest against you in hiring?


yes defineately

100% yes!!!!

Depends on the company. A lot of companies don't hire felons. So if you have a felony on your record I would try to get it exponged or whatever the term is

yes and no. not just an arrest, usually it takes a conviction- especially if the nature of your conviction has something to do with the type of job you will be doing (i.e. drunk driving if you are applying to be a bus driver, theft if applying at a bank, etc). and in CA it's in state law that if you have certain criminal convictions, you cannot be licensed to do certain jobs- like nursing, social work, etc. but i say try anyways, fully disclose everything and explain what happened and why it won't happen again.

Sure they can. That's why they ask you criminal questions on the application. It's a way to screen people out of the process.

Yes. Hospitals do it all the time.

Ryan M
Depends on the crime and the type of job. Do you think a bank will hire a convicted bank robber or someone arrested for fraud to a teller position?

K Lancaster
I believe so. At least I know they can in Louisiana.
I guess it depends of the offensive. On pretty much all applications they ask if you have ever been arrested for a felony. If it is a felony (or drug charge) on your record, then you might have a problem.

Mr. Bugsme
I should hope so.

An arrest or a conviction?

An arrest, I can't see why, if you were acquitted or charges were dropped.

A conviction -- that's an entirely different animal.

yes if they conduct background checks credit checks will get you to

Only if you were convicted.

Yes, depending on what the arrest was for. If you are applying as a bank teller and have been arrested for theft, chances are you won't get the job. However, if you are applying for manual labor / manufacturing, and the arrest was for a DUI, they may not care.

Arrest records are not the same as a conviction. Convictions can be held against you leaglly but not your arrest records. The company also has to notify in a proper way if they are not hiring you due to something they found in your background check or else they can be sued

Depends on what the arrest was for. Say for an unpaid ticket, most likely not, but for exmp. possession or DUI, then absolutely yes.

As long as they don't discriminate, companies can use whatever hiring practices they want.

If they want to allow an arrest to bar you from employment, they have the right to do so as long as they hold that same standard to everyone that they employ. If they hold it against you and then hire someone else that has an arrest, then that is discrimination.

No-- it's illegal for them to not hire you because of that.

But, they will take it into account when you're up against someone else for the same job.

Well i have two cases that was dismissed and I still can't get a job and they are misdeanmors. What has happen to this country, I used to go and talk with people and have a job in a day's time.

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