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Can I choose to work 7 days a week in the U.S.?
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Can I choose to work 7 days a week in the U.S.?

I have chosen to work 7 days a week in my department since January because there is never ending overtime and good pay. Yesterday my boss stopped Sundays because he said "it may be against the law". I have the energy and the desire and I want to work 7 days for a while. Is this against the Labor law in United States
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Add...I work in New York State


there is no federal law that requires a day off each week but some states do require one day off in seven. the states that require it do not distinguish between volunteering to work or it being mandatory. employers may make overtime mandatory as long as you are paid accordingly but that fact does not change the law in the states that require a day off each week.

edit your question with your state
this site list all the state's departments of labor and you can look for yourself:

New York does require 24 hours of continuous time off each week "Day-of-Rest". there is no limit on how many hours in a day an adult can work but one day a week they must be off.

You can work around the clock if your employer can afford you.

Your boss doesn't have to let you work any particular number of hours, so he can say "no Sundays". No, it isn't against the law though, but it IS his choice, not something YOU get to choose.

Captain Tenneal
No, as long as you're an adult

There could be state laws limiting work schedule. Some industries, like trucking, have maximums to works schedule for safety reasons.

Big Toe
You may not agree, but your boss is likely seeing that you are wearing out or not performing like you imagine you are (because you are over tired).... Sounds like he is giving you a chance to show your maturity and say that a day off would be good for you as you did have something special you wanted to do.....

If he/she again suggests you not work a 7th day in the near future, then it's time to ask if your performance might be showing the strain of working with no days off - that you don't feel physically that it is affecting you, but you respect the bosses opinion..... puts you in a win-win situation with the boss that way... boss gets to make decision, you show your allegiance to the business and respect for boss' opinion...... makes you look like promotion possibility in future.....

But, do give consideration to the old saying, "all work and no play......

no it's not against the law if you are doing it volunterraily. It's only against the law if they company forces you to do that.

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