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Can I get fired for taking 2 weeks of unpaid leave?
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Can I get fired for taking 2 weeks of unpaid leave?

friends of mine are moving cross country and asked me to help them move but when i asked my employer for the time off they said if I take 2 weeks I would be fired. Is this right? is this legal? the requested time off is not till August so I gave them 3 months notice.


The only reason they would be required to give you time off is for Family Medical Leave Act (such as having a baby). It does seem unreasonable though, 3 months notice should be plenty. That gives you 3 months to find a new job that treats you better and lets you take an unpaid vacation.

Of course it's legal. You asked, they said no. If you do it anyway, they have cause to fire you.

Your employer still needs someone to do your work, otherwise they wouldn't have you as an employee. They can't very well hire someone for just those two weeks.

Sure it's legal. You are supposed to be at work, and aren't planning to be - they have no obligation to give you unpaid time off.

Yes . they can fire you for taking an unauthorized leave . think about it .. Even though you gave them 3 months notice ... they probably need you to cover for vacations .

It is legal. Just because you asked for it does not mean your employer has to give it to you. If you leave for two weeks expect not to have a job when you come back.

Your allowed your quota of annual leave (about 4 weeks per year I think it is) so provided you haven't used up all your holiday then it's none of their business how you spend your annual leave.

So the point is if:

1. You still have 2 weeks or more of annual leave to take and

2. You've given them sufficient notice of the requested leave

You should be entitled to it

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