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Can I sue for an employer offering a job and then taking it back?
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Can I sue for an employer offering a job and then taking it back?

I recently got a call from an employer after an interview offering me a job with "22 -25 hours a week." I asked her on the phone if I could start today, and she said that she would call me back. She never did, so I went into the office and asked her when I was starting. At that point, she told me that she is moving a current employee from a different department to the position that I was hired for and that I might get "some" hourse now but none in the future. What can I do about this??


nope..get another job

Find another job, there reserve the right to hire/fire you at any given time without warning in a 90 day period,

Sorry Dude
Good Luck

Nothing, since you had no contract with the employer. It was rather tacky of her to not call you back and inform you of her change in decision, but she certainly has the right to do so.

Mike M
Sure .You can sue anybody, for any reason. But you won't win this case.

Kelv C
Not a lot i'm afraid, you only have any real legal rights after a contract of employment has been signed.

Before that there is no concrete agreement between you and an employer.

No, employers have the top hand in this situation.

Any employer can always decide against employing someone else or not not employing anyone else at all. They have to show a valid reason for not employing you.

Similarily, any employee can sign the offer letter and then take it back!

No. Look for another job.

Nothing, unfortuantely your not officially part of the company. And even if you were, unless it was under contract or by union you wouldn't qualify to fight this. In fact the person she is moving into the position that already has another position in the company has seniorty. You have to get your foot in the door first, before you can think of weather or not she should have given you a position.

probably not too much.. would you really want to work there after that anyway? If they treat you that way in the beginning whats the point? What happens if they go to their knees.. hire you for the hours you wanted... Doesn't it seem like they'd sink low enough to just fire you for some stupid reason... I think you should just go after another employer who's actually worth your time and effort.

Dragon Artist
If there were no written signed contracts involved, then "No", you can't.

Unfortunatly because you didnt sign a contract or work there at all there is nothing you can do.

Sorry but don't waste your time.
What happened a employee heard of the job opening and put a bid in on it..
I'm sure you will be next in line.
Lots of Luck

Nothing, really. You never became an employee, and she simply retracted an offer that never was enacted.

Even if you had, your employment would likely have been "at will", meaning they can let you go any time for any reason.

Your only recourse would be if you had an offer in writing. Without that, you pretty much can't do anything, unfortunately. You could make a formal complaint to her supervisor that you were offered the position and then it was filled internally, but that probably won't do anything.

Sarah Smile
Nothing, not without a contract anyway. The same thing happened to me except I quit my job of 5 years for the position only to have the new employer just stop taking my calls.....

green l
Employers have the upper hand when deciding to hire might have been different if you had signed paper work like W-2 or something like .. Keep looking you will find something better!

Talk to a labor lawyer. An offer of a job may be binding in some states. Good luck!

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