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Can a person with dementia sign legal documents?
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Can a person with dementia sign legal documents?


it depends if they have been assessed as not having the mental capacity or not. once they are diagnosed ur usually advised to have a power of attorney drawn up. if the person is not capable of understanding this then u can apply to the court of protection to be appointed attorney

yeah, they'll sign anything...they're crazy...

just kidding. if anybody wanted to challenge it, it wouldn't hold up in court

No. You need to get them signed on their behalf by someone with lasting power of attorney. If they don't have anyone with power of attorney, and aren't able to give meaningful consent to appointing someone, you will probably have to apply to the Court of Protection.

Curtis H
Sound mind and body is quite correct. Is it diagnosed however and on record? If not it may stand up in court if contested.



Absolutely not. It would be null and void.

No, they should have a power of attourney to sort there paperwork out.

Jamie W
The law requires a signatory to be of 'sound mind and body' so a person with full stage dementia would not be a valid signatory.

No for certain

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