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Can a potential future employer find out that you have collected unemployment benefits in the past?
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Can a potential future employer find out that you have collected unemployment benefits in the past?


Chef Frisbee
not to my knowledge

If your in the uk and you are asked the question " when was the last time you were unemployed " you have to tell the truth because your employer will ask to see your p45 and everything you earned for that year is on it , he will be able to tell by the amount it say`s on there that you were unemployed .

In the U.S,, no, they cannot. The only entity who is involved in an employee's unemployment account payments (besides the UI office and the employee) is the employer of record whose account is being charged.

For example, if you left Employer A and were found eligible to receive UI, Employer's A's UI account for you will be subject to charges, and the UI office will send a statement to Employer A advising them of this fact. Prospective Employer B has not paid anything to UI on your behalf, and thus will receive nothing from the UI office to that effect.

The only exception would be if the employer asks to see your W2 and/or 1099 earnings statement for the year. Some (very few) employers do this in the interview process so that they know what the starting point is for salary negotiations. If this happens, you may be asked to explain where the earnings came from if you stated that you were unemployed.

Either way it isn't a big deal - if employers refused to hire anyone who'd collected UI, they'd have a really small labor pool to draw from. :)

Good luck!

No, it's private information. Unemployment benefits come from the state and only you and your state have that information.

And they need to know this why? The employer only pays a percent into the fund, the state pays the rest. You have to have just cause to collect. (laid off, unjustly fired) The only way they might find out is to ask you out right-which you can refuse to answer or if you have idle time on your resume or you tell them. It isn't a crime to collect them.

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