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Can an arrest (no conviction) be held against you for employment in California?
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Can an arrest (no conviction) be held against you for employment in California?

I am interviewing for a job with a govt entity in California, and I was just told my Dept of Justice Live Scan is on "delay" status. The only thing that I can think would cause this, is when I was 16 I was arrested for petty theft, but rather than be processed through the courts, I was offered a diversion program through the police dept. I completed the diversion program (1o counseling sessions), however once I heard there was a delay in my DOJ clearance, I've investigated and found out that the completion paperwork was never sent to the police dept. The diversion program is now disbanded, and the records cannot be located (police dept pointing fingers at probation, and vice versa)

Anyhow, what I'm trying to ask is if this arrest will prevent me from getting this job with the County (in California) This is not necessarily a "high profile" job like in law enforcement or home health care, which have more scrutiny around your past, but I've never been arrested of anything since, hence my fear.



Even if you were a juvenile, your arrest record will follow you. But, you can easily have that record sealed. Just go to the court clerk and file for non-disclosure, it will cost around $200 to $300 to file. However, an attorney is not necessary.

usually the only thing that would hold a person back would be a conviction. i would work on getting that cleared. usually a minor's records sealed when they become 18. maybe it is a clerical problem. don't have a stroke. wait. they will tell you soon enough what the hold up is. if they do know about it, try to talk to them about it.

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