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Can an employee be sacked for not accepting a pay cut?
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Can an employee be sacked for not accepting a pay cut?

There have been rumours of job cuts being proposed in my company, however nothing has been put forward by anyone in writing. if a pay cut is proposed, and i reject it, can i be sacked for not accepting the pay cut?

Additional Details
thanks for your responses. does the proposed pay cut have to be in writing? i am assuming a verbal conversation of a paycut has no meaning.

secondly is there a statutory consulting period for me to consider the paycut?


yes, your options become work at the new salary offered or your fired.

Doctor Deth
you would probably have to take the pay cut or lose your job - I can't imagine there would not be a downside to refusing the paycut - if that was the plan, no one would take the paycut and everything would go along as it had been, which obviously it can't or they would not be asking for a paycut

One Step Ahead
You have two choices--to accept the cut and stay there or quit and hope that you find another job that will pay more.

Many companies are trying not to laid people off so they are cutting paid days or cutting the hourly rate for all employee.

Your idea would certainly suggest that you are unwilling to work with the company. Even the employees could resent you and make life quite difficult for you to stay. When things do turn around most likely you will be that last person they would want to give a pay increase to.

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