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Can an employer ask you to do management job without compensation?
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Can an employer ask you to do management job without compensation?

I have been doing both assistant manager and manager job for 3 months with no compensation. When I asked for compensation, they fired me.
Additional Details
I was being paid as assistant manager and also being paid less then employee's I was in charge of.


in the US as long as you are paid at least minimum wage and applicable overtime your employer can ask you to perform any duties that are not illegal, immoral or unethical regardless of what job or job description you have. (unless you have a contract or are covered by a collective bargaining agreement that "specifically" covers the issue)

as far as termination is concerned you are employed "at-will" unless you have a contract. being "at-will" means you can quit or be fired at any time for any reason or no reason (except an illegal one). if the employer did not have "cause" to terminate you then you will qualify for unemployment insurance (assuming you meet all the other criteria). there is no "wrongful termination" unless discrimination, retaliation or taking part of a protected activity is involved.

cristelle R
you worked without getting paid and they fired you?

No compensation? You weren't getting paid at all? No, that wouldn't be legal.

If you mean no EXTRA compensation, sure they can - they can assign whatever duties they want to, and if you aren't willing to do those things for what you are being paid, you have every right to quit. This assumes, of course, that you are making at least minimum wage.

The Bride Beatrice
Check your job description; if assistant manager is defined as covering for a manager temporarily (in case the manager leaves or is on maternity leave), that means no, they do not owe you money for any extra duties. It's part of your job as assistant manager. This happened to me when I covered for a manager who was on maternity leave, and they explained that it was part of my job to cover temporarily, but without extra pay. They definitely didn't fire me. Did you do anything that they interpreted as hostile? I don't see why they would fire you for asking a simple question. In that instance, I would consult an attorney.

Sophie B
They can do anything they want, if you work in a non-union place...

If you work in a job where you belong to a union, the union and management decide what the duties of each job are.....

of course they can and often do. Why would they pay you higher wages if they can get some one for less money
Sorry you lost your job but you should have thought of that before you made demands

Check with your state labor relations board. Every state has one. Look on your state's website for it. It might be called something like a Department of Labor Relations, or Industrial Relations, or something like that.

The job description for an assistant manager probably allows them to use you as a temporary manager until a suitable replacement is found. As far as the firing goes they would either need to have grounds to terminate you or they would have to abolish your position. If you feel that you were wrongfully terminated you may have legal recourse.

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