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Can an employer change an employee's job title?
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Can an employer change an employee's job title?

Job role and responsiblities remain exactly the same.
Additional Details
What if the employee objects. If they see it as a step down.


Yes, titles, as well as job descriptions and duties, can be changed at any time. Many companies have done this in order to align titles around a compensation structure and/or strategic plan. Most companies try to have a small library of titles - coordinator, supervisor, manager, director, engineer, etc., and then add more definition as appropriate - Engineer, Chemical I; Engineer, Electrical II; Engineer, Mechanical III; and so on. Those titles also align with common salary survey data, making it easier to research and assign pay grades, etc.

It's not uncommon as companies grow to have to make these changes - usually in a small company, everyone is a manager or director. As the company grows, those titles (or sometimes, the position incumbents) are no longer applicable.

David M
Yes. But don't put to much stock in your title. I once had a manager who told me I could have any title I wanted. But my my pay and responsibilities would stay the same. So I changed it from "Supervisor" to "Superior Chief Executive in charge of Employee Tasking". It got a few laughs but nothing else. And no, I didn't use it on a resume. Just do your job well and let your boss call you "Outstanding"!

As long as there are no changes to pay and responsibilities then they can change the title, sorry I know that is not the answer you want.

yeah a job title can be changed and also your roles and responsibilities can be changed... but both can be changed without changing the other at the same time

Yes, it's their company, and they can change the job titles when and how they see fit.


Hector S
yes - you can but you must put it in writing.
the best practive to follow, is have a formal meeting and the employee has a right to be represented. Present your case to the employer and then the employee can have the opportunity to challenge or discuss.
follow up the meeting by confirming decision in writing

In the U.S. an employer may change an employees title, role and responsibilities to a point. It depends on the reason for the change. If you are changing their role because they have been out on FMLA, work injury or other protected situations then you will have a problem. If you are increasing their responsibilities and role that is not a problem. If you change their role and do it as punishment for something it is a problem. The pay, benefits and seniority must be left alone. This is with or without an employment contract or agreement.

Yes, companies to it all the time like an employee to become a senior, you put senior....as your title.

Lisa S

As long as your salary and responsibilities remain the same. The company I work for has gone through a reorganisation in the last few months, and a few people's job titles changed but not their pay or what they were doing.

Your employer can change anything they like--your title, your pay, your responsibilites...

They can even make you sign a new work contract, or make you reapply for your job after they have redesigned it. The only way you could be protected from these is if you have a union behind you.

only if they change your contrat

Yes, but they should of made out a new contract for you to sign with the your new job title, otherwise no, the contract you signed at the beginning is the job description you applied for.

skippypacer is incorrect. Your employer can change your job title and/or pretty much anything else fairly easily. If you are unhappy go and see a union rep if possible. Otherwise the Citizens Advise Bureau might help.

can an employer change your job title, resp, and pay in retaliation without a job performance ever been give to an employee in the state of alabama this was done as a punishment and by what percent, what rights do i have

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