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Can an employer change my hours even if I disagree.?
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Can an employer change my hours even if I disagree.?

I work for a large well known company who have served me with a 30 day notice to significantly change my hours. I have worked for the company for 15 years and in the current department for 8. The changes will affect my salary and give me child care issues. Has anyone been in a similar situation and have any advice?


I hate to tell you this, but yes indeed, they can do this legally. It's appropriate that they gave you a 30 day notice to "adjust" and it is too bad that they are taking salary away, but this may be a change to reduce costs, rather than reduce jobs. It will be very difficult to accept, and maybe speaking with and asking more questions of your supervisor will help.

It may be hard to hear, but truly know that this may be a business decision to keep more employees on payroll. My HR department did something similar and it was alot of anger, but we did the best to diffuse and help folks adjust. Good luck to you...

If you are an "at will" employee, you don't have any choice...you can do your job (even if it changes) and keep getting paid, or you can go home and look for another job!

Donna <><
They are the boss, it seems that they can do anything they want! You just need to try to discuss the issues with your boss. If that doesn't help, then find another job that would work for you.

Yes they can. Be glad they told you about it ahead of time. My employer changed my hours twice late last year without any previous notice. I came in to work and was given my new hours, effective immediately. Thanks to these changes I earn less money (hours cut) and my 30 mile commute takes far longer (did take 30 min, now it takes 2 hours). The 2nd change was because someone in the office complained to the VP that the front office (where my desk is) was left unattended every day.

They can legally change them. Sorry. At least they gave you the 30 day heads up to work out your child care issues.

We were given a 3 month notice of intent to change our working conditions and employment contract,when I went to the union they told me if I didn't sign the new contract I was effectively terminating my own job,the job centre also said I would be making myself unemployed so would not get full job seekers allowance...not fair ,but life rarely is....

sweetie s
im afraid they can. But if you think it's wrong or if it severely affects you you can go citizen's advice about it.

sorry but it is what it is, they can change you without notice if the choose to, they did give you 30 days, hardship is not a valid excuse nor is reduction in salary as long as it is minimum wage

Assuming that you work in the UK....
It all depends on what it says in your contract of employment. Dig out your contract and read it through. If you need help then take your contract to your local Citizens Advice Bureau to find out what options are open to you.

This is what the direct.gov.uk site says

Changes to Employment Contract
What if you and your employer don't agree?
What your employer can do
If you don't agree, your employer is not allowed to just bring in a change. However, they can terminate your contract (by giving notice) and offer you a new one including the revised terms - effectively sacking you and taking you back on. Your employer would be expected to follow a statutory minimum dismissal procedure.

Read about the statutory dismissal and disciplinary procedures (opens new window) More about notice and notice pay If you accept the new contract (or carry on working after the end of the notice period) the new terms will apply to you. You'll have continuity of employment.

If you don't accept the new contract - or if you've accepted the new one but feel there was no good reason for ending the old one - you have the right to make an unfair dismissal claim provided you've at least one year's continuous service with your employer. You may also be able to claim redundancy if you have at least two years service.

If there is a sound business reason for the change, and your employer has properly consulted you and looked into any alternatives, you could find it difficult to win your claim.

You could try consulting ACAS for advice. Good luck

yes because they are trying to help you save gas and I would agree if I were you because its save you money

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