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Can an employer force you to work through your break?
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Can an employer force you to work through your break?


Unfortunately, yes. Per federal law, employers don't even have to give you a break, however, the laws may differ in some states.

Contrary to popular belief, federal wage and hour laws (www.dol.gov) do not mandate breaks, vacations, holidays, paid time off, etc... they mandate hours worked and overtime.

In fact, many military shifts require "straight 8's" in which they will only give an employee 15 - 20 minutes in the middle of their shift to take a break and scarf down a sandwich (although they do pay for this time).

The best thing to do is go to the www.dol.gov and find the link to the local Dept of Labor office for your state and check the state laws.

only if you agree to it

WalMart recenty had a law suit against them with just that problem.. they lost.. They shouldn't make you work through your break.. but at the same time, they are allowed to tell you when or when you can't take that break...

it's unethical. You're a person with needs and not a mean.

in most cases yes they can unless you have to clock out for your break and during which time you are not paid, in most union jobs they are required to gibe you minimum breaks but not at any particular time just today i worked through my first break and lunch so when i was able to take a break i took both my break and lunch at the same time but unless you have a wirrten contract such as a union they dont have to give you a break at any certian time

Richard S.
No they cannot, at least here in California. You're only required to have 10 minutes every 4 hours or something here. And 30 minutes if you work 8 hours. My girlfriend is food server and they "force" them to take breaks even when they are busy.

only if you are on the clock. If you clock out for your break, then no, he can't, because you are not getting paid

yep but thats called over time you get payed more for it.

loretta b
No. Go to the employers higher boss whereby they may be. Don't let this person get you down. Tell co workers and get together. This person is bullying you and is probably getting you to do work they don't want to do.

Joseph C
Not if you don't allow yourself to be intimidated.

coca cola, basically here in rhode island requires you to work through all your breaks, even unpaid breaks.

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