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Can an employer hire you and then reject you the next day?
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Can an employer hire you and then reject you the next day?

I had an interview on Monday for a company. I was offered the position with demands. The company told me they would hire me only if I was able to start Wednesday and if I didn't report on Wednesday that I wouldn't have the job. I definitely accepted the position. Now this was very crucial to me because I am in the process of relocating to another state. The interview/job was in the state I was relocating to. I already resigned from my other job and have my stuff shipped to the state I am moving to. I get a call the following day from the job telling me that they could not hire because there is a freeze on hiring. They did inform me that when the freeze is over that they will hire me. What I would like to know is, can a company do that. I was verbally told that I got the job and then the company turned around and told me they cant hire me because of their freeze. This definitely puts me in a bond, because I already resigned from my job, and now Im in the state where Im relocating with no job. I mean Im definitely going to continue to look but its just frustrating. Any advice is helpful PLEASE!!!!


Skippy The Wondertard
No, you don't have any legal recourse.

One Step Ahead
My favorite saying 'WRITE IT DON'T SAY IT! This is a good learning lesson for you, never accept a verbal job offer. Always request to have the offer in writing. Starting date, job title, starting salary, salaried or hourly position. This way you have something to hold them to their word. They made the mistake and messed up your life, and all you get is we are sorry.

This might be a blessing, they could have hired you and let you go two months later.

I'm sorry to hear about your unfortunate situation.

Unfortunately, employment is legally presumed to be "at will" unless there is a contract or some other stipulation that provides otherwise. What that means is that an employer has enormous discretion to hire or fire employees at their leisure.

There are some exceptions - such as terminating someone for being pregnant, or because of race, or something similar.

In your case, employers can change their mind and decide not to hire you even after they've told you that you've been given the job - even if it is for a silly or bad faith reason (such as they think you are ugly or annoying). They also don't need to give you a reason.

That's the nature of employment law. For better or worse, it is heavily pro-business.

My Thoughts U Can't Decode
I am so sorry for your situation, but most companies hire their employees "at will" and can be let go at any time, for any reason.

I understand your frustration with them giving you false hope. They should have made sure it was okay to hire you before they offered the position. Unfortunately, they can do this and/or let you go within 90 days of your hire date for no reason what so ever. This would be the same thing if you accepted the offer then called them the next day and told them that you decided to take another job. They too could be in a bind if they would have turned another candidate down after someone accepting. It's a chance you take. Keep looking and good luck.

If all else fails, try a temp company once you relocate. They might be able to find you something short term until you are able to find the job you want.

hello, I worked 3 days a week, my employer one day, said he will hold no more work for me, because they employ someone else. I had no contract and I don't even know if I was registered. I would like to know whether this company can proceed with the employee and what I could do in this case. Thank you for any response,

so the employer have the right to hird and fired anyone for no reason.what's going on in this world.

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