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Can an employer legally require you to be clean shaven?
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Can an employer legally require you to be clean shaven?

"Men should always wear a smart suit with a tie. Personal grooming is key and therefore shaving each day is essential. If this is going to be a problem please discuss with your Line Manager"

Is it legal for an employer to require you to be clean shaven? ie. to remove a beard?


Lucky Ellie
Yes if your job entails meeting the public. ( or for food hygene )

Of course it's legal, since that quote is clearly an excerpt from either your contract or your employee handbook, so if you've signed it, then you've agreed to it!

The statement saying to discuss with your line manager is clearly to cover themselves, as they sound like they might be a bit worried that someone might claim that they can't shave for religious reasons or something, and if that was your situation then I'm sure they would consider your case individually. In short, they are not dictating that you *must* shave, they are saying that they would prefer it if you did.

In fact, I have heard Directors in my office tell guys to shave, and we don't have it in our contracts.

Yes -- absolutely, unless you have a religious requirement that prevents shaving, you can be required to be clean shaven.

It's quite a reasonable condition of employment. If you don't like it you don't take the job, to put it bluntly. Some employers are prepared to be flexible if you have a beard for religious reasons or because of a medical condition, but they're not obliged to be.

I think a man who is smart in appearances including clean shaven are far better has there manners might be better than a scruffy guy who dont care how he looks. his attitude is good when he is tidy.

beth x
Depends on the job. In certain catering or food industry jobs if you wish to have a beard or moustache, you have to wear a beard net.

yes if you are a woman

No way ! especially the women !

#1 bossman
yes, they can require whatever they want out of thier dress code, up to and including employees of vendor companies that may visit their premises.

when driving a truck years ago, i delivered to some pharmacutical companies that required that all persons, visitors included , had to be clean-shaven before entering their building. therefore, it was our company policy that whenever you were dispatched to those locations, you had to stop and shave before delivering your load.

now, as a senior manager in the aviation industry, we have a specific dress code for management that dictates the length of facial hair to the 1/4 inch and hair on the head as well, but there is room for tolerance i have found, depending on your numbers each month.....i consistently post in the top 5 for profit margin each month, and nobody cares that my hair is half-way down my back or that i sometimes grow a beard during winter months due to temperatures outside working around the aircraft.....however, if i wasn't posting the numbers i have for the last few years, my appearance i'm sure would become an issue. such is workplace and management politics.

so, it can go either way depending on the company and corporate culture, but the short answer is yes, they can.

Yes, they can ask that you shave, it may depend on where you work . like it you work with food.

Also. a company can NOT make you shave if you are with a certain culture or race.. Some black men do not shave there face cause it is very bad for there skin.

there also might be a rule about if you work there they can exempt people from having to shave and the new guys have to , its called a grandfather clause.
i would look more into it.

I'm sure a beard would be ok if it is neatly trimmed! It's probably un-shaved stubble all over your face that they are on about.

In an at-will employment state, yep.

you must follow your dress code but you might not have to shave it all off, just shape it and look nice.

a nice thin line around the jaw line without any mustache at all is so hot. no goatees...EVER. no full beards....EVER


I like pretty guys...

report me please
A proper beard or moustache is fine in the workplace but I suppose they are worried about what it looks like to try and achieve that effect. ie stubbly and unkempt.

In any case, they are not alowed to dictate your personal grooming. I'm sure it contravenes some kind of workplace law.

What next - telling you which brand of shampoo to use?

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