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Can an employer take a raise away?
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Can an employer take a raise away?

My 17 year old daughter received a pay raise about 6 months ago. She went to pick up her paycheck yesterday and the raise was taken away. Never a word from the owner. No discussion. No warning. She didn't do anything wrong either. We live in Florida and I don't think this is right or legal. I need advice. thanks!
Additional Details
My daughter and I have both left messages for the owner. The woman is not returning our calls and ignoring the situation completely.


Spock (rhp)
it is fully legal.

Florida is a "right to work" state -- unless there is a written agreement, work and pay can be changed at any time. An employer doesn't have to give any notice of ending the employment either.

That said, your daughter should ask if an error was made.

If the answer is " no" -- time to find a new job.

Mother Bear
This is legal, as long as the pay does not go below minimum wage.

However, your daughter should have been notified.

Is it possible that she was notified but did not really understand what was being told to her? I have teenagers and know that if they don't want to hear what is being said they simply don't.

Adam G
Legal - yes. Good business practice - probably not.

Did you stop to think that this could be a payroll error? The check was delivered on Friday and you are freaking-out because the boss won't return a call on a Saturday? Her boss has absolutely no obligation to call you back and you should have never involved yourself in the first place. Take a deep breath and let your daughter deal with it.

On Monday your daughter should inquire about the error and see that they say. If they did reduce the pay intentionally and chose not to notify her then it is probably time to start looking for another job.

there is nothing wrong with this it is legal, first of all, secondly she just be out the door , filing asuit would not be cost effective although you would lose anyway, keep calling maybe she won't have to worry about it at all. She needs to fight her own battles

rara avis
I think you're supposed to be notified. But, yes, you can get a raise taken away. It's called a demotion.

If she received a raise and it was made official (in writing) she may be able to sue, because the employer has no right to withhold pay that is due. Seriously think about consulting a lawyer (free initial consultation) but retaining one may not be worth the money, unless you're doing it on principle.

Expert Realtor
1. Are you sure it wasn't a mistake.

2. Are you sure your calls are being ignored or is the owner out of town.

Tread carefully.

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