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Can my boss reduce my rate of pay if I demote myself?
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Can my boss reduce my rate of pay if I demote myself?

Im returning to work after maternity leave but im switching to part time from full time and I have requested a position with less responsibility. Can he reduce my rate of pay?


Yes, your taking a lower position that comes with lower pay.

Absolutely, the pay rate came with the position.

Imagine if you were a dentist, if you decided to be a dental assistant so you could work less hours and less stress, would you still expect to be paid like a dentist?

I don't know why that example came to me, but it is valid...

No. You can choose to do much less and leave somebody else to do all your work but still be paid the same!!

What do you think??

nealo d
Yep! The demotion is your choice.

I think you will find he can- after all you can't honestly expect him to pay the same wage for less work- it would hardly be fair on everyone else.

Certainly he can, if you are taking a position which pays less. (Unless, of course, you are represented by a union)


yes they can......when you get a promotion you are getting more money for more responsibility...so that being said why would they pay you the same for doing less work and being less productive.

Fragile Rock
I would imagine so. I returned to work after a serious illness a few years ago and my boss was kind enough to reduce my hours and workload, however, my pay also reflected upon this and I had to effectively start my career again (financially anyway!) A Citizens Advice Bureau may be able to help you better though.

Lady in Red
Your pay is based on the position. If you switch jobs, you change pay. Simple. Generally, part-time jobs don't pay as much as the same job on a full-time basis.

yes, thats the whole point/part of being 'demoted'

Steve B
Yes, of course = you will get equal pay with your new lower level colleagues.

Of course he can. We would all ask for less responsibility if we could keep the higher pay scale!

Most definately.

The only reason that they won't reduce your pay is that if THEY asked you to move to a different position.
But seeing as you want to move voluntarily then you will have to accept the pay cut.

Tufty Porcupine
Yes - if your job role and job description has changed.

Yes, of course. If your job changes, the rate of pay could change with it - pay rates should be determined by the position title and responsibilities, not the abilities of the person occupying the job. Otherwise janitors would be paid like CEOs. :)

New Moon Daughter
Yes, unfortunately he can. If the new position has a pay scale that's lower than your previous position, your boss has discretion to pay you at that rate. Talk to him. See if he is willing to negotiate something with you.

Hector S
yes- however make sure you have ammendments made to your contract of employment.

Yes he can, but only because you are changing positions. Otherwise your rate would have to remain the same.

Unfortunately, yes But you have to consider yourself lucky that you still have a job and are earning anything. A lot of people haven't got even that.

Depends on the terms in your contract.
If it specifically says the increase was due to heavier work load then yes he can.

Sure can

Rosie is Chief Justice
I'm not positive about this. . .but I think it's different at every job and that he can lower your rate of pay. Congrats on the baby and I hope that working part time is great for you!

I'm not sure but in my company someone had a baby and came back to only do weekend work and she is still on the same rate of pay, i think if you are doing the same work but just a few less hours then you still get paid your higher amount

shelly c
Yes.The job you are going to most likely is on a different pay scale. I know it isn't fair. I did this as well after having children.

الله A
I would hope so, why should someone with more responsibility be paid the same as you?

Ball's Of Iron
how the hell am i surposed to know

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