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Can my employer reduce my work hours?
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Can my employer reduce my work hours?

My employer is reducing my full-time 40 hour week to basically an as needed schedule that is part-time. They gave my position to a new employee for no stated reason except "they are making changes." Now the new employee is a full-time and I am not. Can they legally do this? They are not down-sizing or laying off, they are just singleing out me and a few others. This is not the first time they have changed my schedule without even a weeks notice but at least before it was full-time and I was not at risk of losing my benefits. By the way I have worked there for about 1 1/2 years so I am not new.
Thank you!!


as long as they pay you minimum wage they can do what ever they want

Yes they can leagally do this what they are hoping is that you quit and once you do then they do not have to pay you unemployment, I would start finding a new job.

Sweetdaddy Rex
Depends on the papers you signed, or were presented to you, when you went to work there.Sounds like they are trying to get rid of you, without paying unemployment !

Joshua R
Yes they can. Looks like don't think you are making a good contribution. The employer has the right to ask you not to come to work anymore, ie fire you. I would discuss, civilly, with your boss why they have scaled you back in favor of another? Or more importantly if they are dissatisfied with your performance what changes would they like to see from you to become full time again.

They can. I agree they're trying to get you to quit without paying unemployment.

That stinks! I would be sooo mad.
If there is no signed documentation that you WILL be full time, then I do not see where you can legally fall back on any agreement.

I would find another place to work!!!

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