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Can my wife work at another job while on short-term disability?
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Can my wife work at another job while on short-term disability?

To make a long story short...my wife already has a lower back problem and we are expected our first child. The doctor put her on a weight restriction due to her back. She is a mail room clerk at her insurance company. So she can't leave over 10 lbs. Remember the restriction is due to her back and pregnancy.
So HR told her to do this other job until the other person comes back (we don't know when she will come back). When she does come back she has to use the Family Medical Leave Act and go on a short term pay of 26-weeks and then we then baby comes she can go on long-term. Well, we are wondering can she pick up another job??? This would be something part time since she will be at home twiddling her thumbs. She is healthy enough it is just the job she is doing does require some lifting.


To give a very simple response, If she's getting cheques from another job, the disability cheques will stop being sent. She will not however be liable to the insurance company given the parameters you outlined above.

so you might want to talk to that same HR dept and ask for a job description she can fulfill. However, if she is in disability pay, if she works, she shouldn't work.

I remember seeing something like that when I applied to Unemployment Insurance. There was a question on pregnancy. You might want to ask your state's unemployment insurance about her case.

good luck

I'm a little confused by your question? Are you saying that the doctor put her on a lifting restriction, and her HR department found another job for her within the company that didn't require the lifting? Then yes, if she wants to keep her job, and eligibility for maternity leave, she has to take it, Nd won't be eligible for disability pay during that time..

FMLA leave is up to 12 weeks, not 26.

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