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Can u get fired over the phone?
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Can u get fired over the phone?

i had been off work for the whole week. But before then he had me working one day out the week. he cut my hours for no reason. i was the manager of the kitchen. never got into trouble, made sure the all other employees did what they were suppose to do, and did it right the first time. i never got into any conflict with anyone, always on time, work my but off even with two people in the kitchen during rush hour.......


In U.S., any employee can be legally fired over the phone, in writing, in person, by telegram, by e-mail, or by messenger

You can be fired in person, over phone, in writing, in e-mail. I'm sure even through texting now.

You can probably look it up on the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission website. It has plenty of great legal information. Good luck.

I wouldnt think so. But I think they owe you an explanation since you did everything right.

You can get fired any time, anywhere. The only sticking points is that some states require that your final pay be given to you at the time of termination, otherwise you're still on the clock. But in some states they just have to get it to you within a week, so they can terminate your employment without even seeing you again.

Sad but true.

Yes you can.

Lily B Talus
yes, but effectively it should be in writing, have a look at your contract

English Babe
No lol or you can take them to the dogs , they have to send a headed letter stating there reasons.

Yes you can.. my friend got called up and was told "we decided to terminate your employment" please come in and get your last check next week..

It happens..

Kevin M
Yes, but...
your employer needs to have followed their own internal procedures.

If they have failed to follow their procedures you should pursue someone at a higher level and if neccessary set a solicitor on them at least for a reasonable explanation and possibly for reinstatement or compensation (although compensation may be limited to lost earnings until you find a new position, even if they have fired you without reason).

If they don't have procedures your solicitor will be able to hammer them with a simple warning letter but again you are limited to reinstatement or possibly a payment for unfair dismissal which would be limited to lost earnings between jobs.

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