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Can you be fired for suspicion of theft??even if there is no proof(b/c you stole nothing)??
Find answers to your legal question.

Can you be fired for suspicion of theft??even if there is no proof(b/c you stole nothing)??

my boss does not like me and i feel she is always watching me and same w/ our security and i feel like she is going to try and say i stole something to get rid of me but it doesn't seem legal???I am in an at will state though.


you won't be fired for suspicion of theft
your boss is not stupid
if they want to fire you there are always reasons to do so and being at will has nothing to do with it.
the difference with being terminated with just cause and without is the possibility of being approved for unemployment.

if theft was suspected but not proved you would be terminated for:
poor job performance resulting in a failure to protect company assets or resulting in a cash shortage etcetera.
all terminations can be tied to performance issues in some way.

if you feel you are being treated unfairly talk with your boss openly, honestly and professionally. communication is the way to resolve this issue.

She can fire you for any reason as long as it doesn't violate the law (race, religion, etc).

Many times it is easiest not to give the real reason for firing someone. I worked in a tiny company for 11 years and we would tell one we were over staffed and only need someone part time then tell the part time person we needed someone full time. The real reasons were the full time person had no future with the company, she didn't care about the job. She wanted to have a baby and work from home for herself, they wanted someone who would develop over time. The part time replacement was incompetent, I asked them to fire him because it took me longer to redo his work than do it myself. They were both nice people, but not right for the job.
When you know you aren't someone they want around start sending out resumes.

Dat Dude
if she hates you... you're on your way out

there's nothing legally stopping her if your a new employee

i think there might be some kind of thing for those who have been employed for 5 years or more.... but you would have to prove that she has no justification for firing you.

my cousin got fired because someone told the manager that he stole something when he didnt so i think he can fire u

If you are in an at will state you can be fired because you wore yellow socks and the boss doesn't like yellow socks, even if you hadn't been told that. That would be ridiculous, but not illegal.

Yes, they can fire you because they suspect you or theft. Or because they don't like your socks.

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