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Can you be on unemployment and start a new job while still milking the unemployment for a couple weeks?
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Can you be on unemployment and start a new job while still milking the unemployment for a couple weeks?

I got layed off in the fall and I am starting a new job in a week, But to be honest times are rough and it would be nice to still get a unemployment check or two while working to get a check as well. Is this possible without getting caught? I reside in Illinois by the way.
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OK You guys are right, sorry for asking.


what you would like to do is called double dipping and it is a federal offense. you could lose the right to receive any further unemployment benefits in the future and have your wages garnished to repay your unemployment.

It is possible to do and YES you will get caught.

You may not get caught right away but you will eventually and you will have to pay back the money you were overpaid and possibly serve penalty weeks before you would be able to get paid again on a unemployment claim.

Employers are required to report to the Unemployment office any new hires with in a certain amount of time. If the employer fails to do so, the also have to report the wages they pay you every quarter. When they report the wages you earned to Unemployment and it is discovered that you also were receiving Unemployment benefits you will then have to suffer the consequences.

where is everybody?
it's illegal and you will get caught at some point and have to pay it back with penalties

Sure, if you want to risk going to jail for fraud.

Rock Firestorm
haha. It is NOT possible. You can do it for the whole time you have unemployment. And they won't find out. For about a year or two. Then they WILL find out. Then you'll get a notice telling them you have to pay them back at 33% interest. They'll let you make payment and they decide the payments, so it's not like you can make low payments. So in other words, if you try it, you will get screwed BIG time and deservedly so.

But don't believe me? Give it a shot.

PS. LOL, I couldn't care less about points or thumbs up or down, I just find it funny you actually gave me a thumbs down. Man, I hope you keep your unemployment while being employed. Please, please do.

You know the answer withhold being told Bud!

When you get caught, are you ready to pay the fine? (And lose your new job when they find out you're a dishonest person).

I think it's a sure thing you would be caught. Unemployment offices have access to employment records. When I went to an unemployment office, I was shocked to see that they already knew how much my salary used to be before I got laid off.

only till you get your first check first check from your jobs..and after that every Sunday when you claim you put in how many days you work and it will close after that but if you work only two day or three day you case will still be active..but if work full time no..when you claim it will ask you how many days you work and what day you work..you can still get but it wont be *** much *** when you wasn't working

if it is a part-time job and you don't make as much or something... check with your states unemployment

Well now that your going to be getting a paycheck ,no, you won't and that's good because there are other people getting laid off who will need that money since you don't need it. That's all they will be depending on, you would know.Don't do that, its just selfish, especially when we know jobs are being lost so much. We all would like an extra check,but as you said times are rough and we can't get it I didn't know you were an exception.

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