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Can you become a lawyer without passing the bar exam?
Find answers to your legal question.

Can you become a lawyer without passing the bar exam?


AtomiK Kitten
You will have a JD, but you cannot be a practicing attorney. You cannot practice law in ANY state without first passing the state bar exam.

Duane L
No, not in the US.

I ♥ 504 babyy!
Hell no! I would hope not.

answer man
No. You can get a law degree (JD or Juris Doctor) and not practice law. Some people get the degree to enhance their careers elsewhere. Every state has a bar exam which you must pass inorder to be licensed to practice law.


YES, but you won't be able to get work anywhere in the US. So either move to another country (although i'm sure they have their own requirements before a person can practice law) or start studying.



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