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Do all companies do background checks? If so how far back do they go? I was convicted of a felony 15 years ago
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Do all companies do background checks? If so how far back do they go? I was convicted of a felony 15 years ago


my company goes all the way back

If the position is management or involves a fiduciary responsibility they should and likely will check

If you can, you should explore with an attorney to see if you can have your offense expunged - this assumes you have been really really really good over the last 15 years

Yes, they do and they judge you by that, I had a friend who was similiar to you, but there are some nice employees who will hire you, despite your past history!!

Some do, some don't. You have to weigh the odds of them not hiring you due to your conviction or them finding out later and firing you for lieing on your application.

If it was 15 years ago and you've been a good boy since then with a work history to back it up, you could tell them you made a mistake when you were young and stupid, but you've learned your lesson and are on the strait and narrow.

Or you can lie and hope that your good behavior and work performance will be enough if they ever find out.

The Cat Lady

Most background checks involve checking for criminal records...So if you have one and they check, they will find it. Entry level jobs tend not to do background checks, most will just call any past employers that you list on your application, if that. The higher up you go, the more likely they are to do background checks. Anything that involves money or confidentiality is likely to do a background check though, but this does not automatically mean that you will be disqualified.

you been on here for a week.....still aint heard an answer you like yet? then you probably wont.......quit chor

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