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Do job applicants have the right to know why employment is denied to them from that company?
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Do job applicants have the right to know why employment is denied to them from that company?

I was denied employment and told they don't they don't have to give a reason.


if the reason was due to the background check they must do as 'John P' has noted but that is only if a background check was the reason.
otherwise the employer does not have to tell you why they decided to not hire you.

The job is theirs to give or not as they see fit, they don't owe you an explanation.

They are correct, they don't have to give you a reason. Why would you think you have a right to force them to hire you?

v b
John P makes a good point, though many jobs don't have financial background checks.

Yes, if you knew why someone else was considered a better candidate you might be able to tailor your job search; unfortunately, many employers rightfully believe that if they give out too much information, they will someday get sued.

John P
What is a Consumer Report?
A consumer report contains information about your personal and credit characteristics, character, general reputation, and lifestyle. To be covered by the FCRA, a report must be prepared by a consumer reporting agency (CRA) — a business that assembles such reports for other businesses.

Employers often do background checks on applicants and get consumer reports during their employment. Some employers only want an applicant's or employee's credit payment records; others want driving records and criminal histories.

Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA)
Key Provisions of the FCRA Amendments
Written Notice and Authorization.
Before you can get a consumer report for employment purposes, you must notify the individual in writing — in a document consisting solely of this notice — that a report may be used. You also must get the person's written authorization before you ask a CRA for the report. (Special procedures apply to the trucking industry.)

Adverse Action Procedures
If you rely on a consumer report for an "adverse action" - denying a job application, reassigning or terminating an employee, or denying a promotion — be aware that:

Step 1: Before you take the adverse action, you must give the individual a pre-adverse action disclosure that includes a copy of the individual's consumer report and a copy of "A Summary of Your Rights Under the Fair Credit Reporting Act" — a document prescribed by the Federal Trade Commission. The CRA that furnishes the individual's report will give you the summary of consumer rights.

Step 2: After you've taken an adverse action, you must give the individual notice — orally, in writing, or electronically — that the action has been taken in an adverse action notice. It must include:

The name, address, and phone number of the CRA that supplied the report;
A statement that the CRA that supplied the report did not make the decision to take the adverse action and cannot give specific reasons for it; and
A notice of the individual's right to dispute the accuracy or completeness of any information the agency furnished, and his or her right to an additional free consumer report from the agency upon request within 60 days.

I never heard of the credit report before, mainly its the the background check & references.

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